Pineapple Tart

Another recipe that I’ve learned on the same day as Almond Flakes Bites. To make pineapple tarts is not too difficult, it just take a little more extra steps. Let’s roll.

Available in Youtube version: Pineapple Tart

Photo Tutorial: Pineapple Tart



1. Baking paper

2. Pineapple paste

3. 400 grams of pineapple tart mix

4. Five egg yolks

5. 250grams Anchor salted butter

6. Pineapple tart mold

7. Pastry brush

8. Mixing bowl

Step One: Pour pineapple tart mix into mixing bowl.

Step One Pineapple Tart

Step Two: Put in Anchor salted butter. It is recommended to use this brand, other brands don’t work as good as this butter.

Step Two Must Ingredient Pineapple Tart Step Two Pineapple Tart

Step Three: Pour four egg yolks.

Step Three Pineapple Tart

Step Four: Mix everything.

Step Four Pineapple Tart

Step Five: Use your hands to fold the batter till it’s even.

Step Five Pineapple Tart

Step Six: Flatten the batter in the mixing bowl.

Step Six Pineapple Tart Step Six Pineapple Tart (2)

Step Seven: Refrigerate for 30 minutes or longer. Let it harden a little.

Step Seven Pineapple Tart

Step Eight: Fill some batter into the mold. The batter mold looks like this.

Step Eight Pineapple Tart (2)

I forgot to take a closer picture of the mold. It is gold in color in the ingredients picture. Push out 3-4 inches of batter strips.

Step Eight Pineapple Tart

Step Nine: Wrap batter strip around rolled pineapple paste.

Step Nine Pineapple Tart Step Nine Pineapple Tart (2)

Step Ten: Remove extra batter strip. We just need enough batter strip to wrap around the pineapple paste. Arrange on a baking tray.

Step Ten Pineapple Tart Step Ten Pineapple Tart (2)

Step Eleven: Glaze the uncook pineapple tart using an egg yolk with pastry brush

Step Eleven Pineapple Tart Step Eleven Pineapple Tart (2)

Step Twelve: Bake at 180°C for 15 minutes. When it’s almost done, you can actually smell the delicious mouth-watering pineapple tarts.

Step Twelve Pineapple Tart Finish Pineapple Tart

Step Thirteen: Store pineapple tarts in small air-tight containers. Why use small containers? Pineapple tarts molds easily when any water or even saliva touches it, therefore separate it so that not all of your pineapple tarts will be moldy.

Step Thirteen Pineapple Tart

I don’t really have sweet tooth but I like this. It’s just feel good when you did everything by yourself, it’s well done and be able to enjoy it. Good luck!

Traclyn Yeoh