SHILLS 100% Perfect Beauty Exclusive Sharing With Xiao Kai Lao Shi @ International Beauty Expo

Last Sunday, I was buzzing around in the International Beauty Expo held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center. I get to know Xiao Kai Lao Shi will be around from my dear friend, Sara Khong from JewelPie, please do visit her site where she shares home living for modern women and tons of useful tips!

SHILLS Perfect Beauty Exclusive Sharing With Xiao Kai Lao Shi 2

Xiao Kai Lao Shi (小凱老師) is one the most famous Taiwanese Make-up Guru. Not only that he is  known for his great look, he is the spokesperson for Bio-Essence and Shills. He also appeared in numerous episodes of Nu Ren Wo Zhui Da (女人我最大), a highly rated Taiwan Beauty Talk Show. In this session, he shared with us how to keep slim with Shills products.

SHILLS Perfect Beauty Exclusive Sharing With Xiao Kai Lao Shi - Miracle Lift Body Contour Control

This is first product that was introduced which is also one of the best seller for Shills. It helps to reduce body size gradually with continuous usage. Its gel textured and has quite a strong herbal scent to it. After massaging it onto my hand, it leaves my hand very smooth. This is retailing for MYR 148.00 for 250ml.

SHILLS Perfect Beauty Exclusive Sharing With Xiao Kai Lao Shi - Miracle Lift Body Contour Control Demo

To prove that Shills Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control works, he has also selected a suitable candidate from the audience to try it. What he did was

  1. Measure the arm of the candidate with a measuring tape which marks the size of before
  2. Apply Shills Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control to candidate’s arm and massaged around and upwards until the gel is absorbed.
  3. Cling wrap around the candidate’s arm, put on BODYSLIM 360° Ultimate Magic Arm Shaper and leave it for 20 – 30 minutes.
  4. As a result, the candidate loss 1cm after unwrapping her arm

SHILLS Perfect Beauty Exclusive Sharing With Xiao Kai Lao Shi - Miracle Lift Body Contour Control Demo 2

Actually while waiting for the first candidate’s arm to work on it’s miracle, another candidate was selected  to apply on her legs. Xiao Kai also explained that this product works great for those who has water-retention. He did the same as how he did for the first candidate and showed us to massage outwards then upwards for the calf. This candidate lost 1cm on the after result.

SHILLS Perfect Beauty Exclusive Sharing With Xiao Kai Lao Shi - Anosa Fit Patch

Another sample that was given out was Anosa Fit Patch where you can adhere it on targeted areas of where you want to burn the fats. It has that herbal scent but not as strong as the Shills Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control. Once you applied it, it gives that cool feeling which was very nice! This is retailing for MYR 68.00 for each box and there are 8 large (14 x 10cm) pieces in a box.

SHILLS Perfect Beauty Exclusive Sharing With Xiao Kai Lao Shi - Slim Wear

Another candidate whom has given birth to two child and she found that her body is no longer in the shape that she always wanted. He then recommend to her a few slimming wear that could possibly help her in regaining her body shape back. At this moment, I took a quiet off to the expo to have a look on what beauty goodies that was offered. I was expecting more of make-up techniques and latest trend but I guess I was wrong. If you’re interested to find out more of Shills product, give them a like on their Facebook below!


Sakae Sushi New Ordering System!

Here is a tea session at Sakae Sushi after Shills Meet The Beauty Bloggers. What’s awesome-sauce is I have my seat with my name on it!

What’s different now is that they launched the iPad ordering system as their interactive menu. Previously they were using touch screen system and now with the hype of Apple products, Sakae Sushi has upgraded their menu system. This system is first launched in outlets of Berjaya Times Square, Sunway Pyramid and The Curve.  This system will be implemented across their outlets in Klang Valley.

Sat in a table of four, we have been introduced on how to use this system. This is a whole new experience to introduce the level of convenience and interactivity while placing orders. This enable them to increase their efficiency by reducing serving time by 30-40%. Just imagine your physical menu but its all in the iPad, like an e-book! This is how you use it:

  1. You flip through the pages from right to left to select your desired food.
  2. Select your desired food by tapping on the screen.
  3. Pinch and unpinch on the food images to zoom in and out for a better look on the food.
  4. Add to cart when you decided to have the food.
  5. Select the quantity  of your food selection listed in the cart.
  6. Changes can be made before confirming your order. Once you confirm your order, it will be send directly to the kitchen.
  7. Just wait for the food to come!

On the tea session our food has been selected earlier. I only had these three dishes and I believe there was more. Shills has scheduled the event to end at 5:30pm, however it didn’t finish on time and I couldn’t stay any longer as I have other errands to run and left at 5:45pm.

Here are the gorgeous ladies from my table. From left to right, there is Pinky Fhang, me, Wendy Pua and Fish Fong. The only downtime for such menu is when the iPad is out of battery and at the same time there isn’t any electricity, which pretty much wouldn’t happen I suppose. If it does, its really ironic.

The mascot of Sakae Sushi appears in the middle of the tea session. Yes, it is a green frog! It’s huge to go across the corridor where we have our session, seems a little clumsy too. This is the moment I had to leave, so I took a quick snap of it.

Image Courtesy of Sakae Sushi Malaysia

They are currently celebrating their 14th Anniversary and their have Super Lunch Deals at MYR7.90 onwards. Every meal comes with a FREE green tea or add-on MYR2.00 for a bottle of Tropicana Twister.

Check them out for more info in Sakae Sushi Facebook!


Traclyn Yeoh

Shills Meet The Beauty Bloggers

On the 8th October earlier this month, Shills has organized Meet the Beauty Bloggers session located in their outlet, Berjaya Times Square.

They have given us the celebrity-like ambiance where we get to sign on a board specially for the event and many familiar faces around too. They have 20 bloggers around for the event.

Here is the emcee for the occasion and I forgot what’s his name. He started by introducing Shills, they also carry along the brand Anosa and Dot.Dot and all of them came from Taiwan. However for this occasion, only Shills and Anosa has been mentioned. However, the air circulation needs improvement as its stuffy and very warm.

The Black Charcoal Pore Clarifying Series is one of their best sellers. I have tried their black mask (received from BTS Fashion Show Gala Night) and I’ve got to admit that it is good because I could feel my skin is clearer, less oily and gives temporary fairness. It has way too much of essence in the mask sachet and I actually reserved the essence as part of my skincare regime.

The other two best sellers are Shills Miracle-Lift Body Contour Control and Anosa Fit Patch. Honestly, I haven’t try any of these two. They are mainly for slimming purposes, the one by Shills is in liquid formula which also helps on body contouring, while the one by Anosa comes in patch where you stick them on targeted areas.

Ms Eva, the Shills Makeup and Skincare Artist demonstrated with their Bio-Active Stem Cell Combat range on a model. Her model has uneven skin tone, fine lines and puffiness on the under eye and age spots on her upper cheek area. The product is mainly for matured skin and for those who wants to prevent signs of aging. Here is what she did:

  1. Apply using the essence with upward motions, this is to promote blood circulation and lifting.
  2. With the eye treatment, she applied by gliding the cream on the model’s under eye area gently and pressed lightly on the pressure points. After this application, she measured the model’s skin moisture level (she did before she started too) which show a positive result.
  3. She applied the Dewy BB Cream (which I forgotten to snap a photo of it). It is said that this BB cream has a formula which able to self-adjust to any skin tone.
  4. Lastly, she set the bb cream with Anti-UV Rays Face Cake. This face cake comes with SPF50 PA+++.

This is the result from the demonstration. On the right is before and left is after. As you can see, her skin tone is even out lightly and her eye area has been brighten up. However, her age spot is still evident. In between in the demonstration, we are given testers to try on the product. I’ll just share my 2 cents of the products.

  1. Essence – Comes in a pump bottle but the essence is way too watery that it tend to splat when you dispense. It’s very lightweight and easy to absorb.
  2. Eye treatment – Cream based that comes in a small jar where you just need a tiny amount during the application. It’s not too oily by its texture.
  3. Dewy BB Cream – Though it has self-adjusting skin tone formula, I’m still not convinced because when Elle tested on the back of her hand, it still result in ghastly shade even in a tiny amount. It provides light and natural coverage, hence it explains the visibility of the model’s age spot. According to Eva, this BB cream isn’t build-able.
  4. Anti-UV Rays Face Cake – Comes in compact where it has four complementary shades which also can be multi-purpose because the darkest shade can be used as contouring. I did not try this as the compact given to us to have a look upon is new and untouched, not too sure if I should actually dip my finger in.

There are three ‘coming soon’ Shills products introduced to us which is 5°C Ice Whitening Skin Renewal Spray, Cherry Blossom Instant Pink Essence and 3M Bubble Body Scrub. Again, we are given the opportunity to try the products.

  • 5°C Ice Whitening Skin Renewal Spray – it gives an increment of 5°C on the area where you sprayed. Suitable to use all over your body including your face. It claims to hydrate, tighten pores and has oil control properties. Available for MYR 69.00 of 250ml.

My verdict: Sprayed on arm and I could feel the chill for just mere seconds. It looked like a layer of frosted ice on my arm and once I spread it, its all absorb onto my skin. It’s hydrating, other than that I can’t explain more.

  • Cherry Blossom Instant Pink Essence –  you can apply this on your lips or nipples as it helps to repair, hydrate and instantly turns pink. It comes in two little tubes of 2 in 1 essence and instant pink essence. Available for MYR 79.00 of 8ml each tube.

My verdict: I wasn’t interested to test this because I’ve used similar product with same functions more than 4 years ago and I know how it works. It uses the same main ingredient as well. I find that this takes more trouble as it is separated in two tubes.

  • 3M Bubble Body Scrub – it comes in a mousse formula and it helps to exfoliate dead skin cells especially areas like elbow, knee and darken skin. It also helps to draw out excess oil and impurities. Available for MYR 79.00 of 250ml.

My verdict: I tested this on my arm and I rubbed it in after dispensing. To my surprise, it formed lots of black debris and was told by Eva, it contains charcoal. However, it wasn’t a big surprise anymore because most people received the same result. I reckon that this product will hit its bottom fast because of its texture.

This event ended with a tea session in Sakae Sushi and I’ll be sharing it on my next post (as requested by Shills).

Stay tuned!


Traclyn Yeoh