Pampering Session With Michelle Tay @ Biotherm, Introducing Aquasource Deep Serum

When Biotherm shared in their Facebook about having to run sessions with their Training and Education Manager, Michelle Tay, I called up and book a space almost immediately. I was interested to learn how else more that I can improve my skin and Biotherm has been a reputable brand over the years. With this session they are introducing their new serum, Biotherm Aquasource Deep Serum.

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The pampering session was held in three locations, two in Kuala Lumpur and one in Johor. For those who is in Johor, you can still book your spot because it will be held end of this month.

Pampering Session With Michelle Tay @ Biotherm, Introducing Aquasource Deep Serum 2

Before we start on the session, we were introduced with the new Biotherm Aquasource Deep Serum. This serum has 3 times more concentrated of Life Plankton which is rich in 35 nutrients and has the capability to boost regenerative system in our skin. The results on the skin?

  • Deeply hydrated, more bouncy – 92%
  • More luminous, full of life – 90%
  • Boost hydration routine efficiancy – 80%

The Aquasource range is Biotherm’s best seller, 1 sold at every 7 seconds. Their design is inspired by the shape of water droplet and this serum is enriched with millions of shimmering micro-pearls to enhance the skin’s brighteness and luminosity.

Pampering Session With Michelle Tay @ Biotherm, Introducing Aquasource Deep Serum  4

Michelle shared with us the right technique of application and products to use according to skin type. She stressed on our skin is very fragile and we have to treat it gently and provide the best for our skin. She first began with this participant (my bad for not getting her name) and her skin is troubled with acne flaring most on her cheeks, Michelle recommends these steps for day regime.

1. Remove all traces of makeup and sunblock using Biosource Clarifying Cleansing Milk.
2. By using Biosource Tonifying Exfoliating Cleansing Gel to exfoliate away the dirt, dead skin cells and makeup residues. It is recommended to use small circular motions when exfoliating.
3. Tone, prep and remove excess cleanser on the skin with Aquasource Instant Hydration Toning Lotion.

Pampering Session With Michelle Tay @ Biotherm, Introducing Aquasource Deep Serum 5

4. Gently spot treat over her flaring acne with Pure-fect Skin Anti-Imperfection Targeted Solution. Only dab over those stubborn acne.

5. Boost skin moisture with Pure-fect Skin Pure Skin Effect Hydrating Gel. No matter what type of skin you are, your skin always in need of hydration.

6. Finally warm and blend little by little with White D-Tox CC Anti-Redness Color Correction Smoothing Base SPF 50+ PA++. This helps to reduce the redness from the flaring acne by color correcting it and helps to mattify her skin.

Pampering Session With Michelle Tay @ Biotherm, Introducing Aquasource Deep Serum 6

Each of us gets personal consultation with Michelle for right skincare of different skin concern. She also gave us to sample many different types moisturiser. She was really friendly and open for questions. Here are some questions that I have asked, this might be some advices useful for you.

1. During the day sunblock is essential, must we use makeup remover to remove it at the end of the day?

Definitely! Many are unaware of such regime but the ingredient such as titanium dioxide is commonly found in our sunblock which creates that shiny film on our skin. At the end of your day, this ingredient  may clog your pores therefore it is very important to remove your sunblock with makeup remover.

2. I do have an electronic facial brush that makes cleansing better, do I still have to use exfoliator?

For normal skincare regime, I would recommend to exfoliate 2-3 times a week but if you have an electronic facial brush, its great to exfoliate at least once a week especially on the nose and chin areas. These are the areas you tend to easily get black or whiteheads and they are most likely to be very stubborn to remove. Exfoliating helps to remove and soften them plus daily cleansing will help to reduce them periodically.

3. I have seen two different ways of using sheet masks, one is to use right after cleansing and another is to use after moisturizer. Which is the ideal way?

If you’re using a mask after cleansing your skin, they are prepping your skin to absorb better for skincare you’re going to use after the mask. If you’re using a mask after your moisturizer, it helps to boost your skin properties especially on hydration. Both ways are still capable to improve your skin texture and condition as they are mainly to help to prep or boost your skin.


I would like to thank you Biotherm and Michelle for such informative session. I’m really tempted to try the White D-Tox CC Color Correction Smoothing Base SPF 50+ PA++ after witnessing the mattifying effect and the color correction. To end this session, each of us were given Aquasource  Deep Serum (15ml) to try!

Keep yourself updated with Biotherm Malaysia by liking their Facebook below and they are currently giving out samples of Aquasource Deep Serum throughout Malaysia, you’ll just have to spot the Mermaid and Merman around you. They have the latest location updated in their Facebook from time to time.


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Face Mapping Facial Treatment

Face mapping is nothing new and its more commonly known in make-up terms especially when it comes to highlighting and contouring the face. The term ‘face mapping’ is not only limited in make-up practice but it can also be applied to skin care. Some of us may have more than just one skin concern which is what makes this method much more useful. You can treat  your skin accordingly to what’s needed. Enjoy the tutorial!

Its pretty simple and easy ya?  It sort of saves your time because you are treating your skin with multiple treatments at one ago without going through different treatments which could be time consuming. If you still prefer to use only one treatment at a time, you can still go with it. This is just another idea of how you could treat and feed your skin!


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Secret to Beautiful Korean Skin

Many of us envy of how beautifully flawless of most Korean skin is and that is including me. My journey in taking care of skin have ever stop especially when I have combination and acne-prone skin. I’m always curious thinking that it could be the four seasons weather that helped to maintain their skin beauty. Probably that’s why we are lacking in that section since I’m in a tropical country? A while ago, I have just found out one of their secret shared from a friend, her interning colleagues are Koreans. I have noticed their skin (almost poreless!) and asked if my friend knows their secret. Here it is!


Image Courtesy of I Love

It’s KIMCHI! If you haven’t know what’s kimchi, its basically a traditional fermented Korean dish using different types of vegetables with variety of seasoning and the most common vegetable that they use is Napa cabbage or also known as Chinese cabbage. They are served in most of their meals as a side dish or as the main ingredient for main dishes like kimchi pancakes, kimchi stew and kimchi fried rice. It has that spicy and sour flavor to it. Kimchi also have different grades to it depending on how long it has been fermented, the longer the better. Kim chi also has been rated one of the top five of World Healthiest Food.

Kimchi is a lacto-fermented product that is a good source of probiotics. The procedure of adding salt at the very beginning deactivates the bacteria so it can be stored for a longer period of time. While the salt acts as natural preservative, the lactic acid is produced during the maturing process which suppresses the growth of harmful bacteria. –

Korean Kimchi

Image Courtesy of 21 Food

Here we can see a variety of Kimchi using different vegetables. There’s Napa/Chinese cabbage, raddish, siu pok choy, scallion and cucumber. I have been watching a Korean variety show called Family Outing and indeed, most of the time when they are eating, there’s always kimchi. I love Korean food way back and the kimchi that I like the most is from Ko Hyang. For skin benefit purposes, this makes me love Korean food more! I will try to incorporate kimchi into my meal and will see if there’s improvement.

Bare in mind that consuming kimchi does not give you that immediate effect. Koreans have grown with kimchi and it’s going to take some time for our body to absorb the benefits of kimchi as they are not only beneficial for skin but health too!

Stay away from plastic surgery, eat more kimchi!  A group of researchers at Pusan National University discovered that fermented kimchi contains lots of antioxidants that helps slow down skin aging. By eating kimchi, you also get a good dose of vitamin C and beta carotene, both of which are  good for keeping skin healthy and elastic. – Advance Technology Korea 


Do you like kimchi and will you incorporate it to your meals?


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Surviving Acne Skin: Skin Care

Skin care products plays an additional care to our skin other than our diet and health. Skin care products penetrates externally into our skin to treat and maintain it depending on its properties and purpose. It is crucial to treat your major skin trouble first and later for other skin concerns. Let’s see how we could work this out.

Image Courtesy of Pretty Me Pink

For those who uses makeup, always remove your makeup especially before heading to bed. It’s alright to skip once in a blue moon but if you continuously repeating this habit, this will not do good for your skin. Every makeup has different properties and we all love how makeup could do wonders to make us look beautiful but once these makeup applied onto your skin, it oxides and the properties works on selective period. Once the properties expires from its selective period, it becomes redundant and since it is still on your skin, it will clog your pores. Just take that your pores needs to breathe with the goodness of skin care product instead of makeup.

Image Courtesy of Info Barrel

To find the right product that works perfectly for you is really tough, even I faced the same matter. This is where you need to know your ingredients that helps to fight your skin trouble or maybe sensitive to it. Salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide are the common ingredients to fight acne but that doesn’t meant it will suit you, some will need to opt for organic or gentle products. For cleansers, we don’t really need expensive ones unless they are remarkably good for you. The reason for not recommending expensive cleansers is we use it in such a short time and rinses it away right after. Massaging it onto your skin for 2-3 minutes will help to draw out dirt to unclog your pores.

Image Courtesy of Health Information Blog

Many has a misconception that moisturisers are always oily and sticky after applying.  It really depends on which type of moisturiser that you’re looking at. If you’re afraid in resulting oily and sticky feeling, try to look out for oil-free, gel or water-based moisturiser. There is a difference between oily and moist. Moisturised skin should not have that oily deposit on your skin surface and if your skin is not receiving enough moisture, it will produces oil to keep your skin moisturised. So which is your pick?

Image Courtesy of Global Fashion Report

No matter which type of skin you have, sun protection is always important before you head out for the day. Again, it has formulation of oil-free or water-based sun protection products. Excessive sun exposure will lead to pigmentation, premature ageing skin or what worse, skin cancer. Sun protection also helps to preserve the properties of previous skin care products applied. Sometimes we get post-acne scars, sun protection helps to prevent the scarring to get any darker.

Image Courtesy of Laser Facial Treatment

Facial treatments is a bonus care for your skin which also known as an extensive skin care in your beauty regime. Acne skin needs a lot of attention and by using suitable facial treatment, it also helps to relief your skin from acne. If facial treatments offered from beauty salons are too expensive, try DIYs like Honey Oat Mask, Charcoal Mask and Deep Cleansing Clay Mask. If your option is beauty salon, select salon which is recognize by its brand and results for assurance that your treatments are worthy. If your option is DIY, understand how the ingredients could be beneficial to your skin.

In addition, you need to keep the good work on to maintain your skin and try to avoid touching your face as often because you touches many other things around and might transfer the bacteria or dirt to your skin. This is the third post for the series, I do hope you learn something here. Please stay tuned for the next post on make-up next week.


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