Romantic Side Sweep Curls Hair Tutorial

To be honest, I suck at hair styling which is the reason why I have not made any hair tutorials. I thought this would be a great try and actually this hairstyle reminds me a lot of Girl’s Generation TTS Twinkle music video. If you compare both, they look very similar. This is my first official hair tutorial, all these while I have included hair tutorial along in the makeup tutorials. Please enjoy Romantic Side Sweep Curls Hair Tutorial!

This hair style might seem difficult to do but its not until you’ve watch the tutorial yea? I have fine yet heavy weighted hair, I usually need more volume on the sides.

Romantic Side Sweep Curls 2

This hairstyle embraces large soft curls portraying the elegance and feminine of the look. It goes great for dinners, gala night, proms or date night!


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Traclyn Yeoh

Little Rocker

Last Saturday went to a Handmade Etsy Market in Empire Shopping Gallery Subang with the main initiative to visit Patty from Lulla Belle and put up a mild rocker style. I finally get to meet her after knowing her years from online.  I bought some lip balms from her and she’s too kind! She gave a free gift along with my purchase.

  • Top: Black t-shirt with lots of stars
  • Bottom: Denim shorts
  • Hand wrist: Zig zag black stack bangles
  • Waist: Studded belt
  • Bag: Black Swiss Polo
  • Footwear: Studded diamond-shaped pointy black flats

Close up for the studded belt.  Very simple but statement varies.

Close up for the studded diamond-shaped pointy black flats. It’s funny how these flats actually fit nicely onto my feet when I bought them and I left them about a month later to wear it, it turn out to be tight fitting now. I need to enlarge it.

Traclyn Yeoh

Tuesday November 18, 2008

Shorty? Sorry I have not been short yet by height, it’s my hair!  Last Thursday, went to the Tropicana Academy for haircut with Fyda. I have decided to be the daring me to try short haircuts again. The last time was cutting Aeon Flux’s hair, something out of ordinary. Not every girls could do it, they’ll probably cry for the time that they have spent to keep their long beautiful hair. As for me, long hairstyle is not suitable for me as my face shape is long. I either keep it short or medium length. This time I cut it SHORT!

From this…

I went to this short hairstyle

It suppose to look like this

Well I’m happy anyways because I think it looks fabulous. Any comments on my new hairstyle? I know I needed more volume, I have already bought volume leave-on conditioner. Fyda suppose to go for short hairstyle too, but her mum won’t allow her. Therefore, she got to back out at the very last minute. That’s fine, her new haircut looks cute on her! Why did I went for short hairstyle? Hrmph, I guess I’m inspired by Rihanna’s and Agyness Deyn’s hairstyles. They still look gorgeous!!!

Sadly, I’ve got symptoms of falling sick on Friday night. On Saturday, it gotten worse and I crashed on Sunday. Fell sick with fever, cold shivers, migraine and a little neck swolen. I’m getting better. Jowie, my dearest, thank you for paying me a visit yesterday although you didn’t have your sleep and you brought me a bottle of barley drink made by your mum. Thank you so much, I needed you so much! Hope you like the fried rice that I have cooked for you though it’s a little spicy.

Now, I’m caught with running nose. I have no idea what’s wrong with me. I didn’t want to go to the doctor, have those bitter medicines. YUCKS!

Traclyn Yeoh