May 2012 Hits and Misses

Let’s recap! May is quite an eventful month especially I was featured in Lancome’s Rouge In Love Lipstick tutorial. Lancome Rouge In Love is now available over the counters and I have the swatches if you’re interested on the lipstick. For my Youtube updates are not as much as April because I’ve gotten a little lazy on certain weekends and was away for a short vacation. Only three videos which is Mysterious Out Look, Removing Contact Lens with Q-tips and Girls’ Generation-TTS- Twinkle Tiffany Inspired. Oh H&M is coming soon on September and let’s see what do I have for the hits and misses last month.

1. Lancôme Teint Miracle Instant Retouch Pen in 03

I love that this is salmon based which works great for dark circles. Its a click pen which is very easy to use, just press on the end and the concealer comes out on the other end which has synthetic brush on it. The coverage is sheer to medium, great to go for daily use because of its light texture.  This also can be used as eye shadow base. Its available at Lancôme counters for MYR95.00.

2. Naruko Narcissus Defense BB Sunscreen SPF50

Basically this is like a tinted sunscreen and purchased this in March. I’m trying so hard to love this sunscreen but I can’t. My skin is combination skin and this didn’t have oil controlling properties in it. My face get extremely greasy within 3 hours although I tried setting it with powder. I wouldn’t recommend this if you have combination to oily skin types. I purchased this for MYR75.00 along with a makeup remover, you might want to check on it here.

3. Bioré Cleansing Oil-In Cotton Wipes

I almost forgot how handy this is until recently I went for my short vacation. These wipes are soaked with the cleansing oil and what makes it travel friend is, they come in little packets. They remove makeup easily without me to carry the full size makeup remover with me and you can find them at Watsons, Guardian, major supermarkets and etc. They are not very expensive but I couldn’t remember the exact price, maybe MYR6.00+ ?

4. The Face Shop Nail Color in OR205

Its all about summer now, kind of makes not much of the difference in Malaysia (we have sun all around the year!) but just want to hype up the season. Summer is all about the bright colors and currently, this bright orange nail polish is the winner. I purchased this a while back and never used it at all and The Face Shop has changed their nail polish bottle design, it no longer looked like this. Its not very opaque, I layer it twice on my nails and they were MYR5.90.


What are your must haves currently?


Traclyn Yeoh

Review: The Opposite Way, The Face Shop Freshian Volumizing Mascara

“For long, lush lashes clean, natural looking lashes without any clumping. Straight brush.”

This is the only description I found in Korean Facial Products. This is definitely an old product that they trying to clear off from the store and I needed new mascara so I made a quick grab. From the description, it doesn’t sound like its name. The name of the mascara clearly shows as volumizing mascara but the description is otherwise. This is shade 02 black.

The bristles looked ordinary, straight shaped like any typical mascaras. Doesn’t seem to have anything special on it, huh? Well, let’s see how it goes on my lashes.

I tried with single and double coat,  this mascara does wonders. With single coat, it defines my lashes and gives a natural look to it. With double coat, it lifts my lashes even higher, lengthen and darken my lashes. The formula is thick but wet after applying. Thus, I had to wait for a bit for it to dry before I started to blink to avoid smudging.


I love this mascara but this mascara isn’t at the initial point. It’s suppose to volumize isn’t it? The reason I took this mascara because it says volumizing! The result turns out to be other way which is more on lengthening rather than volumizing but I still love it. This mascara is buildable and it doesn’t get too clumpy when I tried adding more coats to my lashes. It did not smudge on me and pretty easy to remove using makeup remover.

How much and where to buy?

I bought this for MYR20 (flat price) but I’m not too sure how much is their retail price. You may find them at The Face Shop if you’re lucky since they are clearing it off.


  • Redefines lashes
  • Lengthen and darken lashes
  • No smudge
  • Buildable and non clumpy
  • Affordable
  • Easy removal


  • Not at it’s initial purpose

My rating: 4.6/5


Traclyn Yeoh

The Face Shop Real Secret Perfect Contour Kit

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The Face Shop Real Secret Perfect Contour Kit is a 4-in-1 enhancer kit where it comes with highlighter, pore concealer, eyeshadow base and plumping lip base. The concept adapted in here is a professional’s secret to perfect, celebrity look and a total solution to different of base makeup.

Highlighter – Complexion enhancer
Pore Concealer – Texture smoothing balm
Eyeshadow Base – Preventing creasing, enhances the color intensity and staying power of eyeshadow
Plumping Lip Base – Moisturizing lip plumper for fuller and smoother lips.

When I first found out about this product from the web, it should be something like a corrective concealer kit but it turned out to be makeup base for many parts of our face. The size of the kit is not too big, the length and width is no bigger than my palm. It’s like a quad eyeshadow palettes. It comes with double ended synthetic brush.

My verdict:
– Highlighter
It’s beige cream-based highlighter with very fine shimmers. I only use it to highlight my brow bone and just a little of it is sufficient since it’s with  shimmer. It really bring out my brow bone a lot but I don’t think it’s really suitable for people who are looking for matte finish. It could work as a body glitter too but I reckon that the amount isn’t sufficient.

– Pore Concealer
It’s green cream-based pore concealer. When I saw that it’s name, I thought that it should at least conceal my enlarged pores but it didn’t. It just finish off matte without much concealing pores. However, it does helps to control oil a little. I think that would depends on the level of oiliness of your face. I would consider mine as extreme because if I have to blot my face, I have to blot around 2-3 hours once.

– Eyeshadow Base
Of course, a skin-tone cream-based eyeshadow base. For this one, I had a hard time believing that it work for the first few times when I tried it. It’s because that I applied thin layer and it creases. With this eyeshadow base I actually have to apply quite an amount as though I’m applying eye cream on my eyelid and it turn out my eyelid is very fair compared to my face but the best part is it never crease after doing so. There’s pros and cons with it. My eyeshadow never crease till 8 hours. I have never try wearing longer than 8 hours, so I don’t know how much longer it last.

– Lip plumping base
Pink lip gloss-like texture but finishes transparent on lips. When I first use it, I do feel a very light tingling sensation but after a few times, I’m not sure my lips are immune to it or something else but it felt like putting on a layer of transparent lip gloss. There’s not much of plumping effect or I shall say I don’t see anything at all. However, it’s very moisturizing and makes the next lip application smoother.

Overall, it’s just an okay kit for me. I seldom use the highlighter and lip plumping base, most of the time I’m using pore concealer for oil control and eyeshadow base for creasing reasons. Maybe it’s just me, try to look out for more reviews alright? If I have not mistaken, it’s priced at RM39.90.

My rating: 3.8/5

p/s: Please bare with me on the lack of updates. I’ve started working and I’m not as free as before but I’ll still try to fit my time to blog, okay? I’ll never forget my readers and friends. Thank you so much for your patience and loyalty.


Traclyn Yeoh