It Has Been A Year & Where Have I Been?

Hey everyone,

It has been a long time that I have not updated any post. Time flies quickly and eventually a year has passed. As much as I wanted to catch the momentum of blogging, I was juggling time with family matters, work and personal time. My apologies for being away for such a long time, allow me share in a nutshell what had kept me occupied.

May 10, 2015 – Dad Was Hit By Stroke

Traclyn - Dad Stroke

Something that I have least expected to happen and I was out of state, just arrived a day to be precised. My brothers told me it wasn’t necessary to return asap as dad was stable. I could never forget how painful, helpless nor hopeless it felt especially when he was admitted to ICU. Up until today, I could still cry remembering this.

Traclyn - Dad Rehab

My dad is a lot more better now and the attack has affected his mobility, speech and selective memory. He is eating well and trying very much to recover himself though there are times, it was tough for him because rehab process can be very tiring and painful. I have never given up on him and I believe he will walk again as how he used to be, time and effort will tell. Upon all this, eventually family matters grew along from all angles and it was really challenging to juggle in between. I was draining out.

Career @ Sephora

Yes, I have started working in Sephora Malaysia two years ago and being part of the Human Resource team can be quite challenging. I was required to travel between states and overlooking for all the stores in Malaysia for retail hiring. Challenges made me learned so much from different perspective and I was also personally invited by my colleague to share my personal interest to the team.

Traclyn - Sephora University

I was invited to share about how to blog to the team. How do you think my blogging interest relates to them? It is how I garner information and deliver it to the blog. For the retail team, they garner information and deliver it to customers. Big thanks to my colleague for giving me the opportunity though I have yet to much active in my blog.

Our New Home & Moving In

Jowie and Traclyn Home

We have gotten the keys on October 10 and most of the renovation was manually done by us and his family from painting, repairing and refurbishing selective furniture. It took us about 6 months working only on our weekends, that’s the only free time we have to get things done. I have moved in since May 2016 and recently, just had a house warming between friends and family.

March 30, 2016 – Registration of Marriage

Traclyn and Jowie Marriage Registration

Oh yes, I’m married! This date is also our anniversary date and it marks our 13th years together. Both of our parents were brought together to witness our registration of marriage. Jowie has been very supportive from the day one I knew him and guess what? He is the one who encouraged me to post this update because he knows what I love to do the most.

I’m much more settled down as compared to before, perhaps I will start writing again. Maybe to start off with one post a week? Keeping my fingers crossed, I’ll try to do more if I could. There are times I would update in Facebook and Instagram, do catch up with me from there!


Traclyn Yeoh