I Wished To Be An Artist…

I remember when I was 7, we were always asked who do we want to be when we grow up. I wasn’t ambitious I just wanted to be a drawing artist but my mum numerously reminded me that I should study hard and as far as I could. I didn’t want to crush the hopes that my mum put on me and I changed to be an university graduate when I was 9.

I came home from Australia in 2008 as an university graduate. How did I landed myself to love makeup? That’s going to be a long story but of course, I did slip into my mum’s drawer to try her makeup when I was young and I didn’t like it at that time.

Makeup is another inspiring art to enhance ones’ feature. Everyone deserves to be beautiful no matter who they are. Recently, I did some makeup for few usherettes of a wedding. I just love to see how amazed my clients are when I finished their makeup. Its such a joyful feeling that is almost unexplainable.

See how lovely they are? Sultry smokey eyes with rosy shade peeking through their cheeks and sweet loving smile. Their theme was black, silver and white.

I did the makeup for seven usherettes in four and a half hours. Studying each individual’s facial features is really interesting and to know what works best for them. It was a tiring day for me (been having sore shoulders the next day) but it’s worth it.

 Who did you want to be when you’re little? Did it come true?


Traclyn Yeoh