Celebrate The Love!

Valentine wishes is flooding everywhere whether in Facebook, Twitter, Google and newspapers too. This year, I had to celebrate in advance because The Lover have go for a business meeting today. We had a very nice dinner and spend quality time together very much yesterday. We had dinner at Delicious at Marc Residence and the ambiance is warm and cozy, we also had the sofa seats which makes us much more comfortable after our food.

If you’re going out for a date today, do give this a try. Less is more, your date would love you to go out with light makeup and don’t be afraid to wear colors at the same time. I only manage to come out with one tutorial for this Valentine’s, I was a little busy after this tutorial.

Deep down in my heart, I sincerely wishing everyone who is reading this Happy Valentine’s Day. This celebration doesn’t limit to the couples but share it with your friends and family. Here is a song that I loved so much from Kina Grannis specially for you.

UPDATE – 16th February:

I left my office on Valentine’s Day feeling a little gloomy. I saw an old lady selling fresh roses by the street side and wanted to buy some from her but thinking that those would just last for few days and ended not buying anything. I don’t ask for any gifts for occasions like this because I know it’s always overpriced. That evening it was drizzling and The Lover had me at a surprise when I almost reached home. He didn’t have any business meeting after all!


Traclyn Yeoh

Colors of Boys & Girls Makeup Tutorial

Ever wonder why boys are represented with the color blue and girl is pink? I did a read up and found that it used to be the other way around. Try to Google it and you can find many interesting articles. I came across knowing these representative colors of boys & girls from my mother when I was a child.

Mother: Trace, do you know that boys and girls have their own color?
Me: Really?
Mother: Yes, these colors are important especially when they are in love. Blue represents the boy and pink represents the girl.

I never ask as much as I was still young and I merely know anything about boy and girl relationships but I have a Lover for almost 9 years now. I’m thankful for having my other half and I learned a lot about relationships since we started. Anyways, back to the topic of colors. The recollection of these colors inspires me to create a wearable day look for this loving season. Please enjoy!





Traclyn Yeoh

My Date with Lover by The Porch

How was everyone’s Valentine’s celebration? I hope you had lots of fun no matter who you go out with or where you went. The title makes it sounds more ironic and of course, I did had a warm cozy date with my lover *giggles*. Calling my boyfriend as my lover sounds more intimate, eh?

The celebration was nothing grand but it’s one of the most romantic night spent. We had great food by his house porch and we had starters till dessert!Let’s see what we had…

As a starter, we had creamy mushroom soup (forgot to take a photo of it) and seafood with white wine.

How to prepare Seafood with White Wine:

  1. Seal the seafood with garlic and fresh thyme over the pan with olive oil
  2. Wrap all of it in foil and before sealing it add white wine to taste
  3. Grill with charcoal

The main dish is Flaming Grilled Lamb Shoulder with blue cheese dip.

How to prepare Flaming Grilled Lamb Shoulder:

  1. Seal the lamb over the pan with fresh thyme and a little salt to taste
  2. Grill lamb over charcoal
  3. Blue Cheese Dip: combine blue cheese with mayonnaise and mix till even

We have side dishes that came around too, there’s fresh salad with pork belly strips and lemon-mayo and Bratwurst.

How to prepare Fresh Salad with Pork Belly Strips and Lemon Mayo:

  • Pork Belly Strips (it tasted like bacon!)
  1. Rub it with a pinch of salt on each side, don’t overdo it or else it will be too salty
  2. Grill over charcoal
  • Fresh Salad
  1. Combine any of your favorite fresh salad, here I’ve used lettuce, rocket, tomatoes and cucumber
  2. Toss it in a bowl
  3. Place pork belly strips over the salad
  • Lemon Mayo
  1. Combine lemon juice with mayonnaise. The amount of lemon juice is up to individuals depending how sour you want it to be.

There’s nothing much to prepare on Bratwurst, it’s just another type of hotdog we love.

With our glass standing tall filled with white wine and as for our dessert, Tiramisu French Vanilla Passion ice cream. We didn’t make these of course, everything was so delicious! From start till the end, it went quite well except about one or two pieces of our lamb got charred but could you believe it that we had five pieces of lambs?

Though it might look simple but we share so much love there. The moment we  begin from our plans on cooking, looking out for ingredients, preparing it, cooking it together and toasting our wine for the day. Those small and hidden gestures are the love surrounded us that matters and our 8th year anniversary is coming  soon. The food was really mouth watering and made my lover’s rotweiler was dripping her saliva when we looked at her!

How was your celebration?

Traclyn Yeoh

Love is in the air!

This celebration isn’t about expressing your love to your partner only. It’s also sharing your love between your family and friends but sharing love doesn’t have to be only on Valentine’s Day. Share your love to everyone around you, it binds all of us together.

Roses and chocolates are not only for this celebration, it could be for anytime at any moment. Valentine’s is not a day for awaiting presents to come. Just as simple as spending time by having decent dining or outing could be  a good Valentine’s. Don’t just say ‘I Love You’ for the occasion, say it whenever you felt the love.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Traclyn Yeoh