Talika Body Shaping Challenge: After 4 Weeks

Last week was the forth week of me in Talika Body Shaping challenge, boy I felt good last week. I wasn’t too sure why but every time when I make effort to look presentable to work, I feel satisfied, happy and walk confidently. Feels almost like ‘Pretty Women’ song kept playing just for me. I usually don’t make any effort to dress up for work simply because I’m lazy. If you missed out on my Week 3 update, do check it out ┬ámy new found product feature and what was I happy about.

Talika Body Shaping Challenge - Traclyn After 4 weeks

This is another work dress that I have been rocking with. It’s a beige nude dress that accentuates my body shape. At the moment I don’t see any much improvement on my breast from using Talika Bust Phytoserum, other than feeling smoother and looking rounder on the earlier weeks. Maybe I don’t have much more fats to migrate to my breast. As for my bump, I noticed that they feel firmer this time and stays hydrated, my cellulite is still visible. If you’re not too sure what I’m using on this challenge, you can always look back when I accepted this challenge here. This challenge will end here and it is to be continued, please stay tuned!

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Traclyn Yeoh
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