Talika Body Shaping Challenge: Challenge Accepted!

Just a week ago, I said YES. Yes to what?  To a body shaping challenge by Talika that I’m excitedly to share with you. For those who have met me personally might think that I don’t need all these but I know my flaws well enough behind the pretty clothings I wear. I took up this challenge to seek for changes of the feminine beauty and overall wellbeing of myself. This challenge will go on for quite a bit and let’s have a look what I need to use.

Talika Body Shaping Challenge - Bust Phytoserum 3.0

Talika Bust Phytoserum

They have their first bust serum introduced in 2009 that helps to boost breast volume and firmness. Later in 2011, they have improved their formula and created Bust Serum 2.0 which does the same as the first serum but with greater increased hydration and formulated with hyaluronic acid. This year comes Bust Phytoserum which has more plant-based active ingredients which intensify the enhancement for plumper, fuller and curvier breast.

Talika Body Shaping Challenge - Backup 3D

Talika Back Up 3D

This is the first “push up effect” ultra-serum for buttocks where it helps to attack those stubborn excess fats, reshapes for rounder looking buttocks, fights water retention as well as cellulite, smoothen, plumps and tones skin. Who doesn’t want that tender bouncy booty right?

There are another few more reasons why I took up the challenge. I do have water retention on the lower part of my body and I have been working out to tone my body. Working out does take time and at the same time, I might loose some weight which will increase the appearance of my cellulite. Plus I do have droopy booty which is definitely not very attractive. Along the lines of loosing weight, I am worried if my breast would shrink together with it and with the constant workout, I’m also worried that my breast would go along with the gravity.

Through this challenge, you’ll see me updating  a little bit here and there in Twitter or Instragram. Remember to catch me there! Also, there will be something fun for you to be involve in this challenge. Please stay tuned with me by liking my Facebook below!

Talika will be revealing more of who took up the challenge and they will be keeping you updated too. Just give them a like below and you’ll be updated!


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