The Authenticity of Yummy Taiwan

Lately been discovering loads of Taiwanese food around. This time we look into Yummy Taiwan. Love the simple interior of the restaurant.

I came across this restaurant when I received the previous promotional flyer. Previously, I had it when they had buy 1 and second is only for MYR1. Quite a good deal huh?

Until lately, I have gotten their latest promotion where you buy 1 and get the second one for 50% discount. In order to redeem such promotion, you have to flash this flyer. They are actively giving out some outside of Fahrenheit 88 and/or around Bukit Bintang area. Their dishes from the flyer seems to be promising but do they?

Dish #1: Stew Pork Rice Set Meal

It comes with a bowl of rice with stewed pork and pickled vegetables. It also came along with some side dishes of taro balls with tuna, hard boiled egg with bean curd puff and chunky chilly sauce.  The flavor of the stew pork was pretty good just that the meat given was a little too much lard in it. Combining with the pickled vegetables, it taste pretty refreshing. I reckon the rice isn’t just plain white rice, it somehow has some herbal flavor to it. The hard boiled egg with bean curd puff is great to go along with the rice. Taro balls and tuna combination is just weird. To me, taro balls are just meant for desserts and with the tuna placed beside it, sometimes it makes the taro ball tasted fishy.

Price: MYR 10.90

DISH #2: Beef Noodle Set Meal

This beef noodle comes with soup, bean sprouts and ‘bok choy’. This is also a set meal, it comes with side dish tuna with taro balls (just like the previous dish), local pickled vegetables and chilly oil. The soup base for the beef noodle is not intense enough, it just doesn’t give enough ‘umph’ and I would put the noodle rating as average. The pickled vegetable is crunchy, me likey.

Price: MYR13.90

Dish #3: Hot Crispy Chicken Rice Set Meal

This chicken in this dish is like a size of a chicken chop You can imagine how big is the piece of chicken when you look at the size of the rice. The rice size is the same amount from the first dish earlier. It is serve with pickled vegetables and side dishes of tuna and taro balls and chilly sauce (which I forgot to snap a picture of, to excited over the size of the chicken). I love this dish! The chicken is crispy on the outside and juicy inside. Because the meat is juicy, the meat maintains it moisture without being too drying to consume. I recommend this dish!

Price: MYR 11.50

Yummy Taiwan is located at Lot 2-27(1) Second Floor in Fahrenheit88. Dining in are subjected to service charge and for inquiries you may contact them at +603-21414725 or email them at Food served is non-halal.

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