The Body Shop Brush With Fashion Finale

The Body Shop Brush With Fashion Finale was held at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur early last month. It’s a collaboration between The Body Shop Malaysia and PJ College of Art & Design (PJ CAD).  It’s a fashion showcase inspired by vibrant hues of nature with ideal brushwork of professional makeup artist. 10 designers from PJ CAD collaborate with The Body Shop makeup artist  in creating the look of avant-garde and ready-to-wear fashion in ‘Brush with Fashion’ competition and to be presented on this important day.

I attend the event along with my bestie and we had a makeover. You can see a mere difference for the before and after photos of us.

The makeover is not what I expected, I suppose it could have been better. They even provide a photo shoot which my photo can be seen at the end of this post.

The panel of judges from left to right is The Body Shop’s Makeup Training and Development Manager: Vinz Sebastian, co-founder of Salabianca fashion store: Allan Chan, multiple award-winning fashion designer: Melinda Looi and 2010 Mercedes Benz STYLO Designer of the yea: Khoon Hooi. The event was welcomed by emcee of the day, Daphe Iking with speeches given by Datin  Mina Cheah-Fong, Managing Director of Rampai Niaga Sdn Bhd which owns The Body Shop franchise in Peninsular Malaysia and Vietnam and Mr Graham Doxey, CEO of Laureate Malaysia which now Laureate International Universities is the wolrd’s largest private education network, currently with more than 55 accredited universities and 130 campuses in over 26 countries worldwide. As for Malaysia, INTI College is part of their network.

The fashion show begins with pieces from Melinda Looi, Khoon Hooi and Salabianca. They are amazingly stunning!

This first fashion show was inspired by ‘going green’ concept. I could see some materials are garbage bags, news paper-like and etc. This is quite impressive.

The makeup competition taking in live as makeup artist have only 20 minutes to complete their makeup on models in accordance to the avant-garde look. This could be nerve-wrecking but I believe if you had enough practice and skills, it shouldn’t be a problem. I bet it could be a little uncomfortable for the models as the spot lights are pretty warm, I could even feel the heat! The competition by Daphe’s count and models are to proceed into changing their avant -garde pieces.

Meanwhile audience where entertained by colorful dancers with the theme ‘Teenage Dreams’. Look how cute the girl’s skirt hanging with multiple bears on it. It was entertaining at first, very lively and cheerful but I suppose the dance was a little too long, lasted about more than 10 minutes? The female dancers all have super long lashes, such beauty and dolly.

Tadaaaa here are the models with their avant-garde look. In my opinion, some of the makeup doesn’t really match  with the pieces very much but you could definitely tell that some of the pieces does stands out very well. Guess who won? The level of winning is refered in Platinum = First, Gold = Second and Silver = Third.

Here are the winners of makeup category!

  • Platinum Prize:  Ng Geok Ting (her makeup is very Black Swan Inspired)
  • Gold Prize: Emma
  • Silver Prize: Noor Haslynda

Winners for their fashion pieces!

  • Platinum Prize: Harharan a/l Arasu
  • Gold Prize: Rachel Thomas Dulis
  • Silver Prize: Pang Jia Ying ( I really like how everything match from makeup to fashion! Very avatar-like but with designer’s own cup of taste)

I was also given a goodie bag for attending this event, it includes merchandise from INTI College(course brochures, pen, note book and thumb drive), media kit and makeup (new range of Brush with Fashion collection: eye shadow quads and cheek tint) from The Body Shop and my very own photo shoot about an A4 size.

It was a great event though I expected more in some elements. The spot lights are just too warm that I started to sweat, GAH. The event ends with having light food at DOME Cafe and the food was good!


Traclyn Yeoh
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