The Coming Christmas & Santa, I have something for you!

It’s been a while again that I hadn’t update any video tutorial and I think for Christmas it’s the best excuse to come out with one. Here I present to you… The Coming Christmas!

I went for gym lately right after work hence of limited time to create videos, my apologies. Also, another reason that kept me away from making videos is my skin condition. I think previously I mentioned a little about my skin crisis and now it’s taking time to heal, which is a good news. I can’t wait for it to heal completely till my skin is free from acne/pimples/bumps.

With Christmas around the corner, I believe some would be as excited as I would. I already have plans for eve and day, it’s going to be awesome. The excitement has lead me to paint my nails last night and it turned out like this:

I think it turned out okay. Red with white snow flakes and flaky glitters on it. Very festive huh?

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Santa, I have something for you…

I guess it’s perfectly normal for people to list out what they want for Christmas. I hope its not too late, I don’t have much too ask. Some could be high priority and some doesn’t matter if it’s not fulfilled. Here’s my wish list:

1. Been eying this Samsung ST500. It has dual LCD screen which allow from you to snap pictures from both ways. I already have Canon Powershot SX1 IS but it’s too bulky and heavy if I were to bring it daily in my bag. You’ll never know when you’ll need to be taking pictures especially being a blogger.

Maybe I should consider getting a new cell phone. Any idea which phone be able to capture great photo qualities?

2. Tadaa… this is something I have consider for more than a year. Such a long period isn’t it? At first, I planned to just go for another blog host. Xanga features are pretty limited as a free user. Nothing from java script I could encode into my page at all which includes chat box, networkedblog widgets, nuffnang ads and etc. It all runs by HTML coding only. If I were to move to a blog host, I might as well change it into a domain too. I’ve search for as domain but it has been taken already.

The reason why I have consider this so long is I’m really afraid that I lose my readers. I have blogger friends who losses their readers after they change to domain. It kept me thinking if it would happen to my blog and of course I hope it doesn’t. I could understand that Xanga could be un-user friendly for non-users. I came to know that there is misunderstanding people think in order to leave comment, they have to sign up for Xanga just because the sign up for Xanga popped up. You don’t have too but as I said it’s a misunderstanding because in leaving comments in Xanga, they automatically have in in default as Xanga user. This is why I have a poll for you to vote if you will still follow me when I change to the above domain. It will be in Facebook, please vote here ! Your voting mean a lot to me. If there wasn’t much people are going to follow, I’ll take it as a challenge as a fresh start. I’m not going to give up.

Clear & Blemish Free Skin

3. My skin crisis started since middle of year, at about June or July. I have seeked a dermatologist and my skin is healing very well. I will soon let you know who is my dermatologist and he is pretty famous especially for whom is staying in the city. If you want to give advice on what I should I do for my skin without seeing the doctor, just so you know I want you to know my daily routine.

  • Cleanse face three times a day (2 times with mild cleaner, 1 time with gentle daily scrub)
  • Walk to work that takes 40 minutes for going and returning home
  • Drink green tea five days a week
  • Eat kiwi daily after work when reached home
  • Nap for at least 30 minutes after taking my fruits
  • Taking supplements (morning = Spirulina, before bed = zinc)
  • Lemon drink on empty stomach every morning (one pinch of salt, lemon juice with lukewarm water, suppose to detox & beautify skin)

4. Unazukin, the nodding doll either the Cherry Blossom or Rose. I’ve been wanting this forever ever since one Korean drama that I’ve watched. I couldn’t remember which one. It’s really cute, you’ll be able to ask question and it could nod or shake their head. It’s no longer in production according to Bandai’s Official Website. I couldn’t find it locally and searched through Ebay, it’s pretty expensive!

5. Revlon Color Stay Liquid Foundation, I know a lot of people rave about this. Outdated huh? I need to drop by my local drugstore to find my shade for this.

6. Rilakkuma merchandise from Watsons, they are just so cute! From left to right, plastic mug(purple), iPhone pink case (limited edition),fleece blanket, ceramic mug(purple) and 10 inch plushie (which I love to keep it in my bag).

Adobe Premiere Elements 9

7. I really want to improve my videos and I want to try this software. I know one of my friend is getting this for me, give it a shout out WOO HOOOO! With high hopes, my future videos will be more interactive. Have you try this? Let me know what you want to see in my videos.

I guess I’ll stop here at the moment, if I could think any I’ll update this list and have it posted in my Facebook. See? My wish list isn’t too bad~


Traclyn Yeoh
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A Malaysian beauty blogger expressing her views on beauty and life's other superficial aspects. Not to mention, beauty tutorials to appease the die-hard beauty junkies.


  1. I voted! I’m excited for you but I will miss you on xanga when you move! Just let me know when you go & I will skip after you! I put up a new blog for the job/schooling but I dont think it’ll be popular. Either way, it motivates me to write & share my experiences.

    I have a mytouch 4G that takes AWESOME pics. It has some basic photo editing things you can do on it but you can buy apps that let you do more with them. I dont know if it’s over in Malaysia yes but a droid phone is awesome for pics. iPhone is good too if you can get one. I prefer the droid for personalization reasons & the fact that I could stay with my carrier. In America, only Verizon & AT&T can use iPhones which sucks. The 4G is just like an iPhone though so I’m not missing anything. plus those phones record good quality videos AND you can upload them on youtube! My friends do it!

    Revlon makes pretty good foundation. I use the photo ready one if I havent told you yet. People complain about the “glitter” in it but the shimmers are to diffuse light to make the skin look better. I dont think they’re shaking the bottles before applying…

  2. Traclyn, u should start asap to move your blog to blogspot if you’re planning to. It will be harder in the future with more readers around, it might take a few weeks to month or months for your readers to adjust to your new link but it will be worth it especially since sounds so good!

  3. I can only think of xanga insert photo function which is really convenient but for blogspot I will have to upload through a server or do it on certain multiple uploads.

    Maybe you can check with friends who are expert in HTML codes? It should be able to insert nn ads and some widgets.

    And gambatte too!

  4. Great routine but I think you’re over-washing your face which means you’re washing the good bacteria away and it will make your skin more sensitive. Especially with the scrub. You should use scrub every two or so days.

  5. @Shinbi_Belldandy – I will definitely announce it here when the website is all set up. I’m still waiting for pending status from my friend. I will miss you too! We don’t have mytouch here, but of course we do have iPhone here. I’m not up for iPhone at all because there’s way too many people using it and it’s more like a fashion gadget especially in Malaysia. I’m looking at Nokia N8, do you have any idea?

    I’m so outdated for foundation especially when the skin crisis begun and I’m so happy it healed so much. I do still get breakouts for a bit but it’s not as bad as before anymore. I heard some photoready foundation don’t work as good as the colorstay. What you say?

    @tammylci –  I hope readers and viewers from youtube will catch up with me. I will make a big announcement when it comes up. More on getting into website, hopefully *crossfingers*. My BF thinks doesn’t sound creative enough.

    @soniality – I heard about the photo thing on blogspot too but I’m trying to get a website instead of using another blog host. I’ve already done enough html coding for Xanga but for those running on java scripts is really difficult.

    @mag – Thank you but the scrub is a daily scrub which is gentle enough to use it everyday. I’m maintaining the routine and my skin is improving.

  6. @voguefemme – I had to look up the phone you mentioned but it looks good! Hopefully it comes in the color you want. My phone & case are purple so I’m glad!

    It depends on who you ask. I love how photoready foundation looks & feels on me but others hate it for the reasons I mentioned. They may have to apply it differently too.

  7. @Shinbi_Belldandy – I tried on the demo  displayed phone the camera is pretty good. I’m still looking around and my friend is provoking me to get it.

    With the weather in Malaysia, hot and humid and me greasy face, I’m not sure about it. I heard colorstay did very well for my friend yet again everyone’s skin condition is different.

  8. @voguefemme – I have dry/combo skin so I dont know how it would work for you. The only option is to try it. I dont know how much it is by you but I paid about $11USD for it, which is a bit high for drugstore foundation but still affordable. A GOOD foundation line for oily skin is CoverGirl Clean. It’s been around since the 1960s. They have the regular & fragrance free ones but I use the regular. They have liquid & powder formulas & it’s good for acne prone skin. I may get back into it because my skin is acting up a bit too. I still have some from last year that’s still good. I have a job interview today so I need to make up my face! LOL Wish me luck!!

    The camera feature in phones have REALLY improved over the past decade. I remember when camera phones were super expensive because it was the latest thing & then when you could email/text them from the phones, it was epic. Now the pictures are professional quality & so sharp. Before they werent but since it was the new great thing, people didnt care. Now you can take a pic & upload it to facebook without a second thought!

    Now if only Xanga had an app for phones! I would totally get it even if I had to pay because I use it. If you have web on your phone, you can use it but the site is so massive that it takes a long time to load on phones. I only did it once when we had no internet for 3 days.

  9. @Shinbi_Belldandy – There’s no Cover Girl in Malaysia… but I guess I’ll be grabbing some when I head to Australia again. I shall remember Cover Girl Clean and shop for it! I guess it regards to the weather changes and many people’s skin is acting up, Get well ya, my skin is recovering too. I’m happy!

    Exactly, I remembered I get my own cell when I was in college and was 17/18 back then. It was expensive! Now, I’m seeing kids using iPhone like our old times of gameboy/Nintendo.

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