The Enchanted Christmas Makeup Tutorial

Christmas is just in a few days but I never leave it out without a makeup tutorial. I feel for the warmth of Christmas after watching a short clip of Beauty and The Beast The Enchanted Christmas. It’s nothing too ┬ádramatic, something wearable especially for Christmas dinner.

Please enjoy the tutorial and scroll down for more photos!

The camera definitely absorb most of the colors or maybe because of my new lighting, it’s much heavier in real life. Christmas is always associated with winter and most people tend to be more pale at this time of the year.

Adding more warmer tones will help to enhance the pale skin. I like how the dark purple (cool tone) blends so well at the outer corner of my eyes without making it being too cool for the look. The gold eye shadow just gives more luxury to this look, the brown, red and purple eye shadows makes it romantic and the overall look is very elegant.

The finest trend recently has to be the darker or bright lips. I have select for warmer shades to complement the overall look, you can also try ruby red for this. See how the overall look is soft and subtle? With lots of love as always, I would like wish everyone






Traclyn Yeoh
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