The Face Shop Real Secret Perfect Contour Kit

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The Face Shop Real Secret Perfect Contour Kit is a 4-in-1 enhancer kit where it comes with highlighter, pore concealer, eyeshadow base and plumping lip base. The concept adapted in here is a professional’s secret to perfect, celebrity look and a total solution to different of base makeup.

Highlighter – Complexion enhancer
Pore Concealer – Texture smoothing balm
Eyeshadow Base – Preventing creasing, enhances the color intensity and staying power of eyeshadow
Plumping Lip Base – Moisturizing lip plumper for fuller and smoother lips.

When I first found out about this product from the web, it should be something like a corrective concealer kit but it turned out to be makeup base for many parts of our face. The size of the kit is not too big, the length and width is no bigger than my palm. It’s like a quad eyeshadow palettes. It comes with double ended synthetic brush.

My verdict:
– Highlighter
It’s beige cream-based highlighter with very fine shimmers. I only use it to highlight my brow bone and just a little of it is sufficient since it’s with  shimmer. It really bring out my brow bone a lot but I don’t think it’s really suitable for people who are looking for matte finish. It could work as a body glitter too but I reckon that the amount isn’t sufficient.

– Pore Concealer
It’s green cream-based pore concealer. When I saw that it’s name, I thought that it should at least conceal my enlarged pores but it didn’t. It just finish off matte without much concealing pores. However, it does helps to control oil a little. I think that would depends on the level of oiliness of your face. I would consider mine as extreme because if I have to blot my face, I have to blot around 2-3 hours once.

– Eyeshadow Base
Of course, a skin-tone cream-based eyeshadow base. For this one, I had a hard time believing that it work for the first few times when I tried it. It’s because that I applied thin layer and it creases. With this eyeshadow base I actually have to apply quite an amount as though I’m applying eye cream on my eyelid and it turn out my eyelid is very fair compared to my face but the best part is it never crease after doing so. There’s pros and cons with it. My eyeshadow never crease till 8 hours. I have never try wearing longer than 8 hours, so I don’t know how much longer it last.

– Lip plumping base
Pink lip gloss-like texture but finishes transparent on lips. When I first use it, I do feel a very light tingling sensation but after a few times, I’m not sure my lips are immune to it or something else but it felt like putting on a layer of transparent lip gloss. There’s not much of plumping effect or I shall say I don’t see anything at all. However, it’s very moisturizing and makes the next lip application smoother.

Overall, it’s just an okay kit for me. I seldom use the highlighter and lip plumping base, most of the time I’m using pore concealer for oil control and eyeshadow base for creasing reasons. Maybe it’s just me, try to look out for more reviews alright? If I have not mistaken, it’s priced at RM39.90.

My rating: 3.8/5

p/s: Please bare with me on the lack of updates. I’ve started working and I’m not as free as before but I’ll still try to fit my time to blog, okay? I’ll never forget my readers and friends. Thank you so much for your patience and loyalty.


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  1. CONGRATS ON THE JOB!! Details later!! I’m glad you got one, I remember you said you were looking for a while.

    Palettes are a good way to save time & money but I dont buy them usually because there’s ALWAYS 1 or 2 things you wont like or use. Infact, the only palette I own is the Coastal Scents matte eyeshadow one I got as a gift. but I mean for the $18-20 you spend, it’s so worth it! 88 COLORS! Even for the ones I dont think I’ll use, I can custome blend colors or something. I discovered eye shadow colors I didnt think I’d wear & now mom is freaking out. haha! There is this one palette I did want to try but I’ll have to look it up again. I read about it in Lucky magazine years ago. Do you get the magazine there? I only got it because of a free trial, then I got hooked. The stuff is way too pricey for me so I would write down what I liked & get it on my pay scale.


    P.S: My Eyeko order shipped today! That was pretty fast since I just placed the order yesterday! Hopefully it’ll be here next week. They told me to expect it to take 20 days!

  2. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Thanks! and I realize that you’re a lifetime member now. That’s so cool!
    You have the 88  palette? OMG! That’s wonderful, it’s seated in my wish list but I don’t know if I will ever get them. Lucky magazine? I don’t think its available here, never heard or seen them before.

    Enjoy the Eyeko goodies ya~

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