The Global Premiere of ‘The Age of Stupid’

Recently, my bf was invited to The Age of Stupid┬ámovie premiere and of course, he invited me to go. I thought this would be handy for such event to occur. Basically it’s about global warming, climax change and more that’s happening in the present and how it affect the future. It was a 90 minutes movie and I manage to get the trailer from Youtube.

The movie is very educational and in documentary form except there were some parts, the characters were speaking other languages and there’s no subtitles that came along with it. I hope it won’t happen in the cinema. They are trying to get screen into the cinemas here. I’m not too sure if the viewers here would take it seriously. The movie is to create awareness to everyone and at the same time reminding everyone about how we actually are the ones who made this.

Most people there are enjoying their time watching this and right after the movie, people are gushing out to form their own opinions on the movie and how we could do our part to reduce on the damages. Part of the advices formed by the audience:

  • Bring your own shopping bag
  • Bring your own water bottle and drink tap water
  • Reduce on electricity usage
  • Reduce shopping complex visiting
  • Use bicycle instead of car
  • Use paper on it’s front and back
  • Reduce plastic usage
  • Recycle

In my opinion, certain things can be done and depending how you look on things. For drinking tap water is possible but many doesn’t know that the pipe water system in Malaysia is old and dirty. Most of the time the water supplied to every house hold is dirty. If one would opt for drinking tap water, they would need to invest on good water filters and I could tell maintaining it would be expensive too since the water is filthy dirty and when it comes to filtering it, the filter gets dirty very fast.

One form opinion about reduce shopping complex visiting. Pardon me that I have to touch on it. For my whole life till now, I have been living in the central of the city with many shopping complexes. Not to mention there are like at least six shopping complexes near me. Dropping by those malls doesn’t mean that everyone would spend their money. It depends on individuals to have their self-control over temptations in the malls. Malls like this can be good at times with the hot weather like Malaysia. That’s one place we could actually go for cooling ourselves down. Really it depends on how ones look at it.

Another audience said use bicycle and mentioning his friend, cycle from Shah Alam to the city (approximately an hour drive) to work. Look to be truthful, that it possible but can be ridiculous. People invented car for a reason. If you said use bicycle or walk instead of car at a near distance, it’s still okay and I don’t think that they could bring in bicycles into the train. Imagine with the weather of 30 degress most of the time and going to work with one hour drive distance, how tired, exhausted, sweaty and dirty the person could be? Unless that person doesn’t have any sweat gland then I have nothing to say. I would think car pool could be a better advice.

We, as individuals we could only do what’s on our part and that are just small little parts. I would say government, larger environmental-related organizations and/or developed countries held a greater power to enforce campaigns, laws or anything that could help on this issue. Issues like that needed to be consider:

  • Public smoking in air-conditioning places
  • Household wastage – rubbish
  • Public liter and cleanliness
  • Air pollution – dust, smoke
  • Sea pollution – toxic waste

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not being anti-environment, I’m just forming my own opinion and I do love to look at nature, that is why I love to take scenery pictures. I just like to look at the details and appreciate it. Being environmental has it’s own level of extremeness depending on how far you want to go with it but do remember technology does help us. To a certain level, people are getting so use to it and depends on it at almost on daily basis but remember not all technology are bad, they are usually made for the benefit of people.

Because technology are getting better and greater, they are expensive. Imagine installing a solar panel on your rooftop? The solar panel is definitely expensive and I think that it would cost RM10,000 or more for just purchasing them. This is just one example.

  • Let me know, if this movie were to release in our cinema, would you watch it?
  • What other pollution that is happening in your country?
  • How environmental can you be?

Love ourselves as how you love your planet, we’re living here and we should be thankful that we have a shelter to live.

Official website of Age of Stupid.


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I would love to see it. I’m giving Captain Planet a run for his money. I’m trying to get the shithole I live in to recycle but they just complain about costs.

    One thing that’s polluting over here (probably everywhere too) is people throwing things into the water that kills the wildlife & poisons the drinking water. People flush medicines & things & they’re showing up in water tests. and I hate when people just leave trash all over the place. Nasty heifers…

    I reuse & conserve to the point that my mom is annoyed. So what, we’re saving the world & money by using less water.


  2. @ChevalierSeingal@datingish – Sometimes it really makes you wonder, if they were to fit this to create awareness, why would they want to screen this with most of the time gaining profit out of it (money). If it’s really for the matter of campaign, why not document it publicly for free.

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – Well, throwing things into the water is pretty common in Malaysia. In fact they threw rubbish every where because there isn’t enough bins and strong law against it. Even if they have bins, kids vandalize it for no reason and they have to replace which going to cost more. They hardly replace it most of the time.

    People recycle here for the sake of the money that they are getting back. Say for example, aluminum cans and any metals would give good money whoever surrenders it. At the end, some manhole that is sealed with metal bars are stolen most of the time (there are cases that lead to death because of the uncovered manhole). Government here are trying to implement to have recycle bins (where you separate your waste into recyclable, general waste and green waste) like many other countries in each household but one bin is too costly. It’s about RM100++ for a bin which is still expensive.

    Like I said earlier, we could do our part as individuals but that’s just not enough.

  3. @voguefemme – We have colored bins here. In fact, I found a place where we can get them FREE & only pay for pick up like twice a week but they always veto it saying it’s too expensive. Yet we always pay to fix the trash compactor because people throw shit in there that cant be compacted….like cans, glass & thick paper….idiots.

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