The Playboy Bunny (Post-Halloween)

Halloween just past not too long ago and this year I’m a playboy bunny. I promised to show some photos and here it is! I know Halloween is all about the scary and creepy stuff but I was also joining my friend’s bachelor party and he decided the theme of it.

I don’t really have the exact costume but I figured to mix and match with what I have. I did purchase some items to complete the look and you may check out what I bought, here. I was so happy that it turned out pretty well especially the wig which I bought a few months back.

This look is quite dressed up and I go with less dramatic makeup for it. The add-on effects are the blue contact lenses and fake lashes. What I like the most is, I found a new trick to make my brows look blonde just with concealer. Here is me and my Lover, my Hugh Hefner for the night *LOL*. His bunny ears has lights!

Bunny has to take a break because I have a sprained ankle a day before. Surprisingly, my ankle wasn’t aching when I have my heels on until I remove it. What I realized after was my ankle swelled double of the size before I headed out. Call me hardcore but I’m always so excited for Halloween.

How was your Halloween? Who have you become? Please share with me on the comment section below.


Traclyn Yeoh
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