The Secret of Rosehip by O’slee

Just last week I was invited to an event by O’slee skincare. I was really excited and wanted to go so much but I didn’t have the chance to go because I had to work. *SIGH* whatevah

O’slee is a new skincare from Hong Kong (in fact they are popular there) by using the concept of Rosehip in their products, available for few months now. I saw them in Guardian but the products on display are limited. Fred not, they have more products selling in their website. You may look for them at :

~* O’slee International *~

~* O’slee Malaysia *~

I contacted the PR person of O’slee, Xavier Mah to inform him that I was unavailable for the event but he was really kind to save some of the products for me! Weeee~ thank you so much! I was really excited when I read his email and at the same time feeling guilty. How could you not feel guilty when you couldn’t attend something but you get their goodies? Anyways, let me show you what’s in the goody bag that he spared me.

Classy O’slee black woven goody bag

Let’s see what’s was spared to me. From the top row, left to right:

1. O’slee Beauty Solution Advanced Formula III

2. O’slee UV Block Powder SPF 20 PA ++

Middle row, left to right:

1. O’slee Rosehip Whitening Mask

2. O’slee Clear Spa Complete C-shape Eye Mask

Last row is product information brochure. All of the above given products are in full size. I think I have way too much skincare now that I don’t know where to fit O’slee into my regime. I’ll definitely try to find a way and stop buying some skincare at the moment until some finishes. Pardon me, I’m having some skin crisis from the middle of the year until now and still do not know what’s the cause of it. I’m working hard on it and hope O’slee’s product would be able to help.

Do check out on O’slee from the links above and I’ll take this opportunity to thank O’slee and Xavier again.

I found out Jean has used O’slee UV Block Powder SPF 20 PA ++. Do check her review, here.

Traclyn Yeoh

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  1. Wow! That was nice of him to do that for you! It’s awesome you have so many beauty connections, Traclyn! You should start blogging for fashion mags!! Send in your blogs & see if they like your material.

  2. @Shinbi_Belldandy – You’re really quick in commenting my post! I haven’t even published it in Facebook because I wasn’t done editing it and seems like there’s a bug on Xanga when I use it last night. I had to fix it from html coding.

  3. @Shinbi_Belldandy – By the way, my bestie used to say it to me that I should work in a magazine company. Maybe one day I will, cross fingers. If I really do, I think I need to worry if my articles will be selected by the chief editor.

  4. hey! u got the invite ! i recommended you to him the other time 🙂 i couldn’t make it too due to work, but also he was nice to pass the press release and products to me too! argh haven’t blog about it yet.

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