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It is my bad again for not updating the post. I admit I’ve been neglecting it. I’m sorry For so long I have not updated, many things had happened around me. Like I said in the previous post, I’ve been busy with university, work, and friends.

Anyways, I have quit my job. I love that job but my boss was being a pain in the ass. I’m not sure if he is taking advantage just because I’m from overseas, but he has not been paying my wages. He owes me a month and two weeks of wages! I have calculated just on the normal wage basis, he owes me at least $1500, with that I have not calculated for those shifts when I’m the manager. Yes, I was being promoted to be the manager, I was very happy but if this goes on, holding my wages for so long, I might as well treat it as salary. I’m working on $12 per hour, which I’m being underpaid because I found out from one of my classes that the minimum wage now is about $13 and your age makes a difference of how much you being paid. For the age of 21, the standard pay is about $17. Next door is Nando’s and my friend is being paid $18, so why should I stay? Sometimes I want to think that money is not the matter of being loyal to the job, but this is difficult because I need to pay for my living expenses as well. I worked so hard for them, they are paying peanuts to me and I have to wait for so long for my wages? No way!

Easter holidays end about three weeks ago. Ririn came from Wollongong to visit me. It was an exciting Easter holidays that we brought her to several places to shop, sightseeing, food and my friend’s house. I really hoped that she enjoyed her trip here and I felt really bad that we’ve been drinking in front of her and eating pork. Sorry Ririn! Some of the sightseeing is really cool, especially when we went to St. Kilda to look for penguins, a penguin actually walk out by itself as though the little one is taking some fresh air out of its nest. We even fed Ririn with lots of food, which I’m pretty guilty because she either has take vegetarian or seafood (when she doesn’t eat any squid or cuttlefish because she found it very gross even calamari rings. Haha!).

Since I’m no longer working which means I get to spend more time with my friends. As usual, our old and casual place for happy hour in Equinox which was fun because we had about seven jugs of beers in half an hour. By the time we finished all the beers, many of us were kind of tipsy, so am I. Our casual dinner is KFC wicked wings, where most of us find it’s delicious to have it when we are all tipsy. This time the happy hour would be different because Tomas had a friend, Sarah came from Tasmania for holidays. We went to St. Jerom after dinner, found that it was boring this time, so we tried to go around for more clubs but can’t find a good one at all. All of us left city for home but Tomas and Sarah stayed with their friends.

Last week I held a party in my apartment to celebrate my birthday. The turn out was pretty good. There are like 16 of us including me. It was a good simple party where there are two slabs of beers, six take out pizzas, vegetarian wraps, baked rosemary potatoes, and passion fruit vanilla slice. I made all of them besides the beers and pizzas, which pretty much gone not long after dinner. I really hope they like it. I received presents from Kartik, Tomas, Darren and Christina, which I wasn’t expecting anything like that. It was very thoughtful of them. Jowie gave me two bottles of Britney Spears’ perfume! Love you so much! We played games which made some of us drank a lot and it was fun! At the end of the party, Jowie and Joel brought a birthday cake for me. It was a really delicious cake chose by Tim. They have used sparklers as candles which I don’t mind if there are any candles as long as everyone is happy. Thanks guys!

This week is my mid semester break but I have stayed in the apartment for doing assignments. I have two individual reports, a group report, an individual presentation and a group presentation due next week. I have been stressing myself to finish it as soon as possible because we have made a plan to go to Great Ocean Road which I heard it’s a great place to visit. There will be like seven of us. We will be hiring a car and I’ll let you know more after coming back from there. Wait a minute. The trip is tomorrow, thank God I have finished one of the individual report. The rest is pretty simple and I hope I will finish it on time. If you want to see pictures from the Easter Holidays and my birthday, you may view it on my Facebook.

Cheers, hope everybody enjoys their weekend!

Traclyn Yeoh

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  1. at first, i bace i mcm sad for u about whats goin on with ur work and your wages and that bastard. but when it comes to ur birthday party, i was like shit..! i wish im there wifu u guys. sounds fun when it comes to the games u guys were having 😛

    anyways, stay happy ok. dont think about anything besides than finishing ur degree (so u can get ur ass back here! missing u so bad!) and just be happy like u always did ok.
    send my most regards to jowie.
    cheers syg!

  2. @feedDuh – hahaha…next time we could all play the game together okay? we  will have all the time.

    yeap i’ll be back soon.don’t worry. i really wanna be back malaysia as soon as possible. i don’t wanna stay here anymore.

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