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I’m pretty sure many of beauty bloggers are aware of the Eyeko, and I have just became one of the ambassador. I know being an ambassador can be a no big deal because everyone can be one but I’m excited anyways. It’s a cosmetic range of creating Manga or Anime look with the cutest packaging. It’s favored by celebrities and many other beauty addicts! Make Eyeko as your bestfriend!

Available in Youtube version: Eyeko Ambassador Program

I will be placing my Eyeko Special Code on the right panel on my main page which links you directly to Eyeko‘s page.

The latest promotion that they are having are:

I’ll be posting for the latest news from Eyeko whenever I receive them. Hope you love them too, happy shopping!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I see them advertise in Shojo Beat (it’s an American Manga mag for ladies)!!! I wanna try it as soon as I can. I just hope they have flattering colors & not just things I can wear for cosplay or halloween. I have a tawny complexion & as much as I LOVE bubblegum pink, it makes me look like I have an eye disease..LOL.

    I’ll check the site now & see what goodies they have!


  2. eyeko? 1st time hear from here! looks like the glitter eye liner should be a worthy purchase!

    i have not purchase any glitter eye liner b4.. i’m concerned about glitters going into my eyes..
    u know lah, when we’re kids that time, parents always scold about playing gold dust? if getting into eyes/mouth etc we will die..whatsoever! is this a urban legend haha…
    that’s the only thing that’s preventing me from trying glitter eyeliners 🙁
    trace got any clue about the myth? can mati or not if glitters get into our eyes? what happens when it does get into our eyes? how to take out? natural come out?
    this kitty is so bad.. ask so much questions hehe

  3. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Hahaha, you’re funny! Well I saw from their site claiming many celebrities using them.

    @milamiu – yeah the glitter looks like a winner! Eyeko has been around for some time and they have very cute and lovely make-ups around. I love to buy them when I have the money and collect them all.

    Well, glitters will irritate when it gets into the eye. If it does get into your eyes, just rinse your eyes. Try to avoid excess rubbing onto your eyes as it will make your eyes more swolen and tugging it causes more fine lines to appear. Sometimes, rinsing might not be able to remove it but it will eventually come out later. Blinking your eyes might also help to remove them.

    Don’t worry it will not cause any death from glitters getting into your eye. I have once gotten a paint piece into my eye and manage to take it out. See? That’s even more dangerous and I’m perfectly alright.

  4. @LyNn – Oh dear, you may try asking them again if you want them. Haha, though my mail haven’t arrive, I’m making a good use of the code first.

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