It’s My Birthday!!!!!

Another birthday post of mine! This is getting crazy…haha but anyways I do hope you enjoy this since I missed out several postings when my mum was in the hospital. My birthday celebration was pretty simple. Just have dinner, photographing and a little bit of drinking. Jowie, Jedrik, Fyda and I went to a place for Western dining which I forgot to take note of the name and picture of the place. It’s located somewhere one of the hills in Ampang. The food was just alright. Not too great but anyways tempting food pictures ahead!

Lamb Chop with Ham and Cheese

Lamb Chop with Garlic Sauce

Special Steak

Cheese Sandwich

Teh Cangdut which I have no idea what was it, I thought it was something special but it taste just tea, milk and heaps of foams.

Banana Split for dessert shared by everyone and it’s my favourite since college!

I take you, you take me. My dearest bestie, Fyda…

After dinner, we went up the peak of the hill and get to see the whole city of Kuala Lumpur!

A closer view…

Me and Fyda

Me with my dearest boyfriend, Jowie!

I would like to thank everyone who stayed with me for my birthday as well as heaps of birthday wishes in my Facebook and A Surprise Birthday Celebration entry. I’m really happy even though my birthday celebrations are simple. Thanks again!

p/s Anyone feeling generous? Presents are most welcomed Hahaha, just kidding!

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. i know where you were. Hulu Langat Lookout Point! i live nearby! he he… Happy Birthday Traclyn~ stay pretty always~ 🙂

  2. @Connie – Thanks for the wishes, Connie!!!

    @Victor – Not as happening as last year’s but it’s still fun anyways!

    @LyNn – Not too late actually, I’m still accepting it. Thanks, Lynn!!!

    @yahui – Oh yeah, that’s the one! I wasn’t sure if it is Hulu Langat. I figured it’s something like that. Thanks for the wishes. I didn’t know you were so nearby…*sad we could have meet up!

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