Welcome Haters!

Ever since Nikkie came out with this video, I figured that it helped me a lot on handling haters and I think that this would be one great video to share with everyone. It would even help in your daily life because haters don’t only come in the blogging and Youtube community. They are everywhere but just don’t let them get you. For the times that I blog ( I think it’s coming almost 2 years of blogging), I don’t really get hateful comments until I started to produce my own videos. By the way, enjoy the video.

I get hateful comments like saying that I’m stupid, I copied Michelle Phan aka Ricebunny, I’m cheap and etc,…and I usually ignore them or reply them with facts politely to them. I always try to put myself in their shoe why that they leave such comment. For the case of Michelle Phan, I know that she has a lot of supporters all over the globe for her great makeup and beautiful skin. I watched and love her videos all the time too but I realise at one point there are many other makeup gurus out there other than her. So I opened my scope in Youtube than just watching her.

I have reasons where how I came across on doing my videos with music and voice overs. Let me list them.

  • My surroundings are usually noisy – ceiling fan, radio, laptop, surroundings outside the house
  • I don’t like to talk while doing makeup, it’s quite a distraction
  • I’m not really spontaneuos
  • Isn’t it better to listen some music from tutorials? You get to listen some great songs that you never come across~
  • My videos are like presentation, I prefer to look on quality than dragging the whole video of nothing
  • I was aware of doing voice overs might be just like Michelle’s videos but I was encouraged by Mina to do so. Check out this post.

And I enjoy doing video editing because I learn a lot from there and it gives me additional skill which I think it’s a good thing. For haters that easily leave hateful comment, I always wonder if that they came across over videos that:

  • does voice over
  • does the same technique/DIY/tutorial
  • better gurus out there although they didn’t appear to be more famous

There is one article wrote by one our famous Malaysian blogger which is useful too. Read it, here. Therefore, after reading Nicole’s article and Nikie’s video, I don’t take hateful comments emotionally anymore. In fact, I’m welcoming them. Just accept those nasty comments and stay strong. If you do have your own stories, do share it with me.

: Another uplifting video for everyone and I still adore Michelle Phan and Bubbi.

No one likes to be compared and no one is perfect. We are all trying at our best. If you are able to respect someone and they will eventually respect you too.

Traclyn Yeoh
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A Malaysian beauty blogger expressing her views on beauty and life's other superficial aspects. Not to mention, beauty tutorials to appease the die-hard beauty junkies.


  1. Hey Tracyln

    Good on you! Be strong, you have done your best
    keep up the good work and never never never give up.;


  2. I’m glad you’re addressing this hun. Just keep doing what you’re doing. We all still supoort you no matter what. Screw those haters.

  3. I like this video! She’s right, those haters should inspire you to make you do better & it’s true. They used to get to me & I admit sometimes they still do but I learn to not let everything affect me. I’m glad my comments inspired you to do voice overs, but I think you had the confidence to do it all along!! You just needed someone to tell you. =D

    I got your back on those haters so dont worry. I usually dont reply to others comments when they say junk but that last girl was way out of line. She didnt even bother saying anything back to either of us so she just was talking for attention or whatnot. Hopefully she wont bother you again. Your make up is SO not cheap, I wish I could do half of what you do!! I may practice though. I want to get some nice glittery make up…maybe for christmas!! By the way, I figured out what to do with that black & red look! I’ll try it out & post pics when I’m feeling better. My asthma’s been bothering me so I havent wanted to do anything but sleep.


  4. I donno why some people are so envious of others.
    why cant we just support and be happy for each others?

    What you are doing is good.
    you are being positive about the comments though i know it’ll be very hard for you.
    but that show that your mentality standard is higher then the one who gave nasty comments.

    To condemn its easy, but to do it?

    I dun think you copied MP but you might be inspired by her. Thats all right.

    keep it up darl. blog for your blog’s lovers like me ;p

  5. Hey dearie,

    They say that when you only have haters when you’re famous, so you must be famous. 🙂 Personally, I don’t like Michelle Phan cause I think she’s really fake and “act innocent/cute.”

  6. @victor – Thanks buddy! Hope that it would help you as well.

    @Dee – Thanks for all the support! *hugs*

    @Shinbi_Belldandy –  Thanks for everything, Mina. Practice makes it perfect but I was going a little slow with my makeup tutorials because I was trying to keep my face makeup free for a while. Please do take care of your health, I know how it feels like and I think I might have it too ( once in a while I just can’t breathe, so I took up swimming) but wasn’t serious and didn’t bother to go for any check up.

    @melinda – Thanks babe for all the support. It was tough for me at first because I didn’t know how to take in and digest it. I will not be affected by them, likewise Bubbi said, “I’m here to do my thing”.

    @Lisa – Haha, I’m not too sure about being famous. I never anti Michelle Phan because I think that she’s wonderful too. Not everyone could be at where she is now. Don’t dislike her, she’s just doing what’s part of her life and interest.

  7. @miss_1lo – Hey, welcome back! Whatever floats the boat yea… as long as you said it to me I’m fine with it. To get Mina to be involve in this, I will say no. She’s just being supportive.

  8. @chihuahua_momma – Thank you so much dear. Before I put myself up there, I always think if I’m really ready for this but with positive thinking and great supporters like you, I see why not. I really felt grateful to have you around.

  9. No problem dear. I think that girl needs the blow-dryer in her a-hole instead, LMAO. I like Bubbi, but sometimes she preaches a little too much, lol. I’m glad you don’t let these types of things bother you hun. Anyway on a lighter note, I nominated you for an award!<3

  10. Do what you are doing and don’t fret about what others say. You aren’t hurting anyone and I think you have guts to put up videos of yourself. That’s something I wouldn’t do and I admire you for it. 😉 

  11. Hey Mama,
    You are a wonderful, beautiful, amazing, person dont let anyone anywhere take that away from you. If people dont get you oh well, its you that matters at the end of the day!  They will lose out on not knowing you! I am glad that my vid inspired you and stay in touch.
    Love ya,

  12. @nikkie20six – Thanks NIkkie for dropping by. I’m happy enough to receive your comment and I shall be strong after great words from you and Bubbi. You’re amazing too and keep up the good work in Youtube dear.

  13. There’ll always be haters out there, and you know what, you should be glad they came to your site because it just means you’ve made it. It means you’ve reached that level of readership and that’s great. I agree with the video; you need negative comments and such to make you want to do better.

    But don’t let them haters tell you what you can and cannot do on your own blog, your own space.

    I think it’s absolutely fine to do music and voice-overs. A lot of videos out there are really distracting because as the person is talking, I can hear the phone ringing, the TV’s on, someone’s car alarm’s ringing, etc. After a while, I lose interest in what the person’s saying because of all these distractions. Keep doing what you’re doing 🙂

  14. @Tine – Thanks for the support! I appreciate it so much. For some reason making video with music with voice overs makes people think that I’m trying to be Michelle Phan. I just don’t get it. Anyways, I’m not going to let them control over me. I’m just here to share knowledge and experience with every body.

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