Thursday December 4, 2008

Chapter 79 – Social Smoker Confession

I didn’t think I had a habit because I only smoked five or so cigarettes whn I was out with friends – trouble was I was our nearly every night of the week. – Linda, 23-year-old apprentice chef

I took up social smoking when I moved out of home thinking it made me look grown ip and hip. Within months I was organizing to go out just so I could have a smoke. – Eddie, 21-year-old personal assistant

When my doctor said my chronic bronchitis sounded like a smoker’s cough, I was indignant because I only social smoked. Then I started counting and was horrified to realise I was often smoking several packets a week. – Ching Yee, 25-year-old design student

Once I’d had a few drinks I would chain smoke away for the whole night and before I knew it, a whole packet was gone and I was craving more. – Jillian, 26-year-old graphic artist

I realized my social smoking was a full-blown habit when I visited my parents and had to sneak off to buy a packet of smokes on the second night. – Amirah, 29-year-old childcare worker

I started smoking because my new boyfriend hung with a crowd who were all smokers and I didn’t want them to think I was a goody-two-shoes. Now that I’d like to give it up. I’m having trouble cutting back to a packer a day. – Meera, 24-year-old hairdresser

Source: Malaysia CLEO Magazine December 2008 Issue No. 158

I’m thankful that I don’t smoke. I learned not to touch any cigarettes from my best friend when we’re in Form Two. She told me she never wants to be with any smoker. I took her words in and kept it to myself. My whole life living for 22 years, I have never smoked before no matter how many times other people offered and I’m proud to tell everyone. My principal of not smoking has affected my boyfriend when we first dating. I made him stop smoking as well. Thank you my sweetheart, for doing it for me. Now in my family, I’m the only one left not smoking and I am still holding to it. My brother was so desperate to smoke without letting my parents to know, he end up smoking in bathroom while bathing.

It’s sad that the society at this era still smoke heavily. I know this might offend many people but give it a thought, I believe that many people are now highly educated. I am sure they are aware of the dangers of smoking especially we are very well educated. The disgusting brain tumor advertisement and yucky dirty pair of lungs have been shown so many times in television , billboards even cigarette packets, yet people are still doing it. I wonder what have made people start smoking? Have you plan to seek help on quitting?

Dangers of smoking:

  • Lung, mouth or bladder cancer
  • Stroke
  • Heart Problems
  • Breathing problems e.g. chronic bronchitis and emphysema
  • Others: peptic ulcer and pregnancy complications

Source: Tak Nak,

As a person who cares beauty so much, smoking definitely won’t do any good on your skin. It will definitely make you look tons older than you should be. Why are we asking so much in life and still risking our life with a life-threatening addiction?

♥ Traclyn Yeoh

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