Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day! There you see many roses and chocolates selling around you with a rip-off price. Dinners especially for two or Valentine’s set dinner. But Valentine’s Day is not just about buying roses, chocolates and expensive dinner. It’s a general celebration for lovers to express and show appreciation to each other. Why spend so much money when you can spend valuable time with your loved ones? What I can say would be just spend your money wiser. If you choose to spend loads on the V day, don’t turn the other way round telling people, ‘Hey guess how much I spend for Valentines? Roses, chocolates and dinner on Valentine’s are such a rip-off! I spend a lot on my girlfriend and bla, bla, bla…’ If anyone does this, you might as well go f*** yourself. You want to do this and you are complaining? Oh that’s so full of yourself! You are doing it for the sake of showing off to people not for the person you love. You want to do it, does it sincerely!

For today I spent a lovely evening with Jowie. I had to work starting at ten in the morning in Flipps and end work at three in the evening. I was pretty happy that I gained trust from Steve (my boss in Flipps) to actually let me be in the early morning so that I’m able to open the shop. Shops usually opened by 11 a.m. but I’ve got everything done before 11 a.m. today. Jowie came by at 2:30 p.m. with a bunch of fresh lilacs in his hands. Oh, how sweet! I was preparing the Caesar salad in the kitchen because Danny left it there, half done and went chatting with the customer about something which I don’t want to put myself in because I think it might be something personal. I wasn’t expecting anything for today since I’m working and V day in Melbourne is expensive as well. I came out from the kitchen and Jowie was smiling towards me handing me the fresh lilacs. Sweet moment! I think I even blushed when I took the flowers from him. Although it’s not anything expensive, at least he did it with a sincere heart. He had planned to pick me up from work, gave me flowers, and walks me home. Though it sounded simple, but the intention and effort is there. We had dinner at Samurai and I decided to dress up a little since it’s kind of a big day. It’s near to our apartment and just a simple dinner but we had a wonderful time together.

Later at night, Paul dropped by in our apartment. He was from a café which have a really good band according to him but it lasted only 15 minutes. He was in Smith Street where it’s quite a distance from our apartment. Well, everything is still good. He bought a six pack Toohey’s beer and we started to chill by watching television with beer and chit-chatting.

Not to forget one more important thing, although couples are around to celebrate V day, I have a friend who is actually having her birthday on this day itself. It’s Azzura, a high school friend of mine which I have not spoken to her for a very long time. I dropped a message in her MSN but she didn’t seem to reply. I wonder how she is doing right now. I hope everything is alright for her.

Alright that’s about it for V day, hope that many of us are having great time with their loved ones!

Traclyn Yeoh

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  1. OH! YOUR DRESS IS SUPER NICE!!!!!!!! tapi kalau i pakai, mesti not nice dah.. HAHAHAH

    anyways.. lawa la colour rambut u!!!

  2. @ruzzAT – hoho guess what? i picked up the dress in a store room and it was my size, i took it. no harm done. oh well if you get a dress im sure it will be beautiful if you get it right.

    haha i like my hair color too. thanks to my friend spend like 5 hours to fix my hair. it was dreadful! a real good effort from my friend! thanks to him lotsa!

  3. siew…you mcm dh fairer. damn the weather there. anyways, happy v day! send my regards to jowie.

    p/s: my phone hilang LAGI. so i xde no fon for the moment. just thought of informing u that. nnti u ckp i avoid u plak. no, im not avoiding u or anyone ok.

  4. @feedDuh – nahz its just your imagination! i’ve gotten darker i think since the weather in Melbourne now is really hot! happy V day to u too!

    aiyo~ how could you be so careless? be more careful in the future, alright? oh damn i cant talk to you on the phone now! ishz~

    the food was good, i had a starter with some mushroom soup, california roll, chicken teriyaki and green tea ice cream. jowie had a starter of miso soup, crumbled fish, oyakodon and green tea ice cream too.

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