The New Beginning in a New Place with a New Life

Guess what? I have moved into a new apartment which actually is good. Now I don’t need to deal with idiotic housemates. I have moved to a lovely apartment which is 422 and my room is larger than the previous room that I had in 614. The apartment is empty when Jowie and I moved in.

We moved in on Monday. It was supposed to be in noon but it turns out to be evening. I got off from work and they (Jowie, Tim and Tee Coln) are still moving the things out from 614. Jowie was saying that the cleaning took very long that is why everything had delayed. Although I was off from work and I had to help to move the things as well. Oh well, apparently some of the things they are moving is mine, so I should help. No fuss! They were playing with the squirt gun while moving part of the stuff in the new apartment.

Yesterday, we have a housemate whose from Tasmania moved in and he lost his luggage with Virgin Airline. What luck! It came to our surprise because he came into the apartment without anything in his hands but a small bag. His name is Tomas and that’s not a great experience for losing his luggage when he’s going to be studying here for a long period. But he doesn’t seem nervous or angry, he looked cool. We brought him to have lunch in Glenferrie Road. We were just trying some Thai food in a restaurant named Thai Thai. He’s a cool guy, still young at the age of 19 but he is way too tall. His head almost reached up to the door frame. Wow!

What I can tell you, I love this apartment. Usually I get uneasy to move to a new place but I think I’ve got comfortable here instantly. In front of my balcony is facing the city which is good scenery when the sunsets and the buildings are lit up at night.

My guy friends are really being very thoughtful during V Day. I’ve got a bunch of roses from them. Oh, how sweet. I was asking why, it is because I’m the only girl around. It was really very nice of them. I felt so appreciated! Thank you so much guys!

Work is still good but the other day I’ve burn myself. The oil splattered on my finger. It was painful. I took an ice to cool it down but the pain was still there. Later on, I just can’t be bothered about the pain and let it be.

Classes will start soon. I believe that there will be many assignments coming soon. Therefore, I’ll be busy with classes and work. Let’s hope that I do not have any final exams like last semester . I will be delighted to hear that.

Today, it’s Chap Goh Meh. It is the last day of Chinese New Year celebration. We had a lovely dinner with tom yum soup, chicken curry and oyster sauce with pok choy. The curry paste was made by my mum and everyone loves it. There are like seven of us for dinner which is Jowie, Tim, Tee Coln, Tomas, Paul, Karthik and me. Sounds many huh? It’s not too bad anyways. It was a great dinner. Karthik will post up some pictures in Facebook, so I will let you know when the pictures are up.

Traclyn Yeoh

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