L.A. Colors Lipstick in Pink Sand Review

A twist-up lipstick claimed to have vitamin E and aloe vera in it. However it doesn’t come with any ingredients listing.

The lipstick code stated in BLC241 Pink Sand (included as carded cosmetic section) and in the ordinary products, it’s the same with LIP396 Pink Sand. From the physical look of the lipstick, the color look more brown from the picture. The moment I open up and it has a strong smell of ‘old cosmetics’. You know during our parents generation, their cosmetics smells funny. I didn’t really like the smell, towards hating it actually. I could still remember when I was young I secretly and quietly play around with my mum’s cosmetic. The smell of it is just doesn’t feel nice.

The color is quiet pigmented where it carries a little hint of light pink color instead of just brown. It has a very light glossy effect with no glitter or shimmers.

It glides easily on my lips and very moisturizing as it doesn’t dry my lips at all. It’s really creamy and pigmented.

Creamy and pigmented
Easy glide

Smell of ‘old cosmetics’

My rating: 3.5/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. That’s a gorgeous shade of pink! I have 2 pink colors in my purse. “Beg me” is a light pink similar to this & “Stiletto” is a dark matte pink. That one is my favorite out of the 2.

    Is L.A. Colors everywhere? I want to try it now!


  2. indeed, a lovely shade of pink but you said the con is that it has the smell of old cosmetics? Man.. I hate it when a good make up has a smell I can’t take. = /  & it seems weird as it claimed it has vitamin E & aloe vera yet it didn’t have anything with it that proves it such  as ingredients listing.

  3. @Shinbi_Belldandy – I really seldom put on lipstick because it always doesn’t last long on me. You can try inquire about where to purchase in the site.

    @Laydii_LiZx3 – Yeah, the smell was such a turn off. Their ingredients listing is always missing in action.

    @jeanjean – Thanks dear. I’m getting more and more award. Appreciate it so much! *hugs*

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