Rainforest World Music Festival

Remember on my Kuching trip on my previous post? On day four I went to an event? This is the review for the event, it will be loaded with words.

The festival was held at Sarawak Cultural Village on the 10-12 July where the ticket fee on-the spot- cost RM100, purchasing online was at RM90. I only went for the third day of the event, so I can’t tell how the festival is on the first two days. There’s two stages, one as the main stage and the second stage was the tree stage(or somewhat like that). However, I still have the performer’s listing for each day.

Friday, 10 July 2009

  1. Kinabalu Merdu Sound
  2. Lan-E Tuyang – Sarawak
  3. Noreummachi – Korea
  4. Sekaa Jaya Jenggala – Indonesia
  5. St Nicholas Orchestra – Poland
  6. Red Chamber – Canada/China

Saturday, 11 July 2009

  1. Asika – Malaysia
  2. Lan-E Tuyang – Sarawak
  3. Oudaden – Morocco
  4. Jouhiorkestari – Finland
  5. Moana and the Tribe – New Zealand
  6. Jeff and Vida _ Usa
  7. Dazkarieh – Portugal

Sunday, 12 July 2009

  1. AkashA – Malaysia
  2. Red Chamber – Canada/China
  3. Inti-Illimani – Chile
  4. Muzsikas – Hungary
  5. Zawose Family- Tanzania

There was a preview on the Peninsular Malaysia took place at The Curve. For the preview, the bands were not too bad but there was a long wait each time they change the performer. To my surprise, some of the performers didn’t turn up for the festival at all like Bantus Capoeira and KL Stompers.

Getting back on the event, I would say AkashA and Zawose Family rocked the whole night! At the opening, it was on AkashA and they were really great. However in the middle of the event, it turned a little sour. Everything went boring and no one gets excited, not even me. People are just sitting around chatting with each other. Some were looking out for food and drinks. I was a little hungry and opt for food. The food is bloody expensive. Imagine almost an RM10 of Laksa Sarawak when you can get it outside for about RM3? I know there’s an event going on and people from all over the country came but charging for food and beverages at more than three times of the original price is too much.

The last performer for the night was Zawose Family and they are amazing. Everyone was dancing over their music, I joined in too! If they didn’t appear, I think the last day of the festival could probably be dead. I heard that previous years performance are better than this year. Everyone were dancing as though as they were in the club and there was a mud party? Something like that.I was really looking forward for this event before flying to Kuching. I felt a little dissapointed eventhough I never went for the previous years.

I also heard that many groups withdraw from performing due to the AH1N1 breakout and the crowd was lesser due to the same reason. I’m not really sure about it.

Rainforest World Music Festival Official Website, here.

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  1. Sounds awesome! I wish I could go to cool things like this. People in Florida are so boring! XD Nothing to do. The last concert I went to was in High school during Grad Nite. Simple Plan were performing at Disney World. I didnt stay for the whole thing but it was fun. And the first concert I went to was before my middle school graduation. Diana Ross was performing. That was soooo cool! ^^


  2. @Shinbi_Belldandy – Haha, we don’t really get this often. Just once a year and many people all over the country came for it. No joke but because this year’s performance isn’t that great, next year’s turn out might be lesser too.

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