L.A. Colors 10 Glitter Eye Shadow Palette Review

I obtain this palette from winning a contest from Vonnie. It’s one interesting palette that comes with 10 colors with heaps of glitters. I don’t think many favor glitter eyeshadows but hey, I made use of it nicely in my Midnight Twinkle Tutorial. Sorry Vonnie for the delay, everything has to run on schedule. The palette comes with two pieces of double ended sponge applicator which I don’t think they are good quality, so I chuck them aside to make it as disposable applicators. Also it has a small mirror in between the 10 color eyeshadows.

When I first open the palette, I realise that there are some scratches on some of the eyeshadows. I don’t think Vonnie opened it at all be cause the sticker was tightly intact at the palette opening.

Although it’s a 10 color palette, I realise that there’s same two shades. Weird? Is it to me! Why they would want to include same shades in? Alright, maybe my pair of eyes are playing tricks with me. Let’s look at the swatch.

Even the swatch color is the same. The eyeshadow is really pigmented and matte with heaps of glitter and I think it’s suitable for certain occasion or night make-up. The glitter falls off easily on the cheeks, so have to find a way to keep them intact on eyelids. Not only that, the glitters got loose when I kept the palette in my drawers. I let it stand with many of my palettes and eventually my drawer gets its glitters.

So this is the list of ingredients. If you can’t see it this way, do click on the picture to enlarge it. This palette hasn’t give much trouble other than the glitters. I don’t smell anything from it nor giving me any irritations.

Pigmented and matte
No irritations
No smell

Too glittery
Glitter falls off easily
Low quality sponge applicators
Duplicate same eyeshadow shade

My rating: 3/5

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. I like glittery shadows, or really shimmery ones. They have glitter without it being over the top, it’s subtle. I save the big glitter for halloween or cosplay. When you can guide ships into port with your eyeshadow, that’s TOO much glitter. XD

    I do think the 2 brownish colors look the same, maybe one is a tad lighter but not too much. I notice that happening too. Or like how some companies have lipstick or gloss that’s the same exact color but with different names….trying to get more money I tells ya!!! XD I just got a new palette from NYC. It’s a duet with a highlight & contour color. I love it! It’s a dark purple spokey color with a lavender pink highlight. The highlight is a nice pale shade you can wear alone if you want for a little color, so I may try that one day. I have nothing to do later except go get dinner & my hair done but I may play around with it again later since I was to use it again on my birthday.

    Did you try putting the powder on while it was wet? Some powders go on better with the wet technique that just loose. That may raise it’s rating a point or 2 if it does! 😉


  2. I didn’t notice the eyeshadow had a little scratch…next time I make sure I check them before I buy :))
    both color do look similar to each other but I don’t think is the exact color??….when I have time I’ll go check that out…

    Yup, very glittery and the glitter doesn’t stick at all, I read somewhere in MUA, they put on hairspray (of coz not spray the hairspray to your eyes lols) and the glitter stay put…I never try that tho.
    I had UD midnight cowboy…also glittery, and the glitter doesn’t stay put as well, I guess that is the prob with glittery eyeshadow huh.

  3. i think a primer should help abit
    cause then the glitters will have something to adhere and stick on to
    i heard some people using cream based cosmetics (like your elf cream eyeshadows) to help set powder eyeshadows too
    not to sure bout it since i dont have any cream shadows though

    i cant wait to meet you after my exams 😀
    wanna give you your surprise too

  4. @Shinbi_Belldandy – I have not tried it using the wet method yet. I do like using wet method because the color appears stronger.

    @VONNIE – Yeah, maybe I should use the wet method or stick to using cream eyeshadows to let it stay put. Anyways don’t worry about the scratch. It’s not your fault either. Probably the QC dept missed it.

    @LyNn – Primer makes eyeshadows stays but the glitters are some tough bits to make it stay. I can’t wait to meet you too! Let the time pass faster~~~

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