D.I.Y Beauty Secrets: Make-Up Remover

Olive Oil has been a very good natural make-up remover, however for acne skin type like me, it’s not that suitable because it is highly comedogenic. I have tried it and I didn’t like it because of it’s oily residue left on my skin. However, after a great research on natural make-up removers, I have came out with my very own recipe of make-up remover. I’m not sure if any other people has came out with this, but this is the make-up remover I will stick with for long. I have prepared a video on how to make it, please enjoy the video.

Available in Youtube version: DIY Beauty Secrets: Make-Up Remover

I have used this for almost 3 weeks and it works as a gentle make-up remover. It helps to remove water-proof make-ups but sometimes you just have to work more on it. Petrolatum and Aloe Vera gel is the main ingredient for this make-up remover. Petrolatum is a natural make-up remover as well and non-comedogenic (please refer Pore-Clogging or Not? by Connie), however I have tried it alone and it left a very sticky residue. I have never like my face to feel sticky and oily. Aloe Vera is very good for our skin as it heals, soothes and moisturizes. I have came to mix this two ingredients because I love how Aloe Vera did such a great job for my skin. By using only a thin layer over the facial cotton, it won’t be too sticky nor oily but leaving skin moisturized without worrying that it will clog your pores.

The ratio for the petrolatum and Aloe Vera is 1:1. If you think the formula it’s still sticky, you can always add more Aloe Vera gel. Please add moderately because you do not want to over-do it. This new batch I have made in the video will last me very long, maybe like a month on everyday usage?

My bestie, Fyda told me to sell this make-up remover but I was thinking who would want to purchase this from me when I’m giving it as one of my beauty tips? Anyways, Fyda if you are reading this, I have kept a jar for you…

I have ‘bling’ the cover of the jar. It suppose to look like a flower but look like I’ve failed on the decorating it.

Well, I hope everyone enjoy this post. Good luck and do let me know if it works for you.

Have a great day!

Traclyn Yeoh

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