A Gift from Dad

According to Chinese calendar, yesterday was my birthday. Its always has been my family tradition to follow this way, but I prefer the exact date. On Tuesday, Dad wanted to purchase photo papers for his friend and as we were walking…

Me: Pa, can you buy me mineral powder? (smiling sheepishly, pulling his shirt sleeves like a small girl)
Dad: What minerals?
Me: From Maybelline, it’s new. (Dad never like how make-ups marketing and packaging lure make-up addicts like me, to him it’s cheating)
Dad: Where? Where?
Me: Watson or Guardian (pointing towards them)
Dad: Hrmph…okay since it’s your birthday.
Me: YAY!

Hahaha…everything sound so childish right? My dad even helped to see which shade suits me and we had a great laugh because I had tested all six shades on my jaw line. Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Powder Foundation is finally MINE!

My shade is OC1 Light Ochre. Dad made the purchase from outside of Watsons Sungei Wang, where coincidentally they have a special Maybelline booth set up and with the purchase RM40 and above, you’ll get a free striking blue bag. This mineral foundation cost RM49.90, now along with this purchase I get a free bag!

At first I thought it was just an ordinary bag. It came to my surprise that it has Maybelline label on the inside of the bag. YAY again! I gotten the small booklet for everyone to look at…

(click to enlarge)

Thanks a lot dad for granting one of my items in my wish list. For those who doesn’t know where is my wish list is, it’s on the right panel on my main page. This item is now labeled as GRANTED.

p/s: My exact birthday is not too far away *hint*

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. yay another thing thats good for your skin 😛
    does the tone match perfectly?
    or is it slight yellowish?
    whats the nett weight of minerals?
    wish lumiere was just as cheap 🙁

  2. @skylarkz – hahaha you can use the same trick to your dad. Plus, I have not started working, so my dad understand with the lack of money 

    @Tine – Thanks

    @LyNn – The tone matches nicely with the moderate usage. The powder may look too yellow, it was really difficult to find for the right shade. It was either too dark or too light. So this shade is the closest to my skin tone. The weight is 8 grams. I was hoping Lumiere can be cheap too, but lotsa minerals around are not cheap like Youngblood, Bloom and L’oreal. This is the most affordable one. I think Rimmel’s will be coming soon…

  3. I  hope the Maybelline Minerals is bismuth oxychloride free! This ingredient hurt my face so much a few months back.

  4. http://www.lovingminerals.com

    They sell minerals powders from brands like lumiere…everyday minerals..n monauve (if i’m not mistaken) for afordable price…& for starter…u can choose any 3 powders & 1 o 2 blusher (minerals) samples for rm30. I’m not really sure..but u guys go & check that out. ^_^

    Urm…traclyn…the 88palette i bought for rm78 including postage (from ebay)…but i heard that there’s somebody sell it for rm59 i think….in one of the beaty forum….lowyat…i guess. ^_^

    & owh…for the banner link? do u want it? I can send u the html code if u want. ^_^

  5. @skylarkz – Oh I have visited their site before. Knew them from facebook though. Oh, I saw in MYB there’s one selling RM59 for the 88 palette. I want! I can’t figure out how to do the scroll thingy without the html coding not converting.

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