Announcement: SpreeSpreeSpree Trading is now on Facebook!

This post is way overdue, promised the co-owner of SpreeSpreeSpree Trading to have this up as soon as the photos finished progressing. So sorry!

Basically I was invited by the co-owner to held a photoshoot at her apartment for the clothing line. I was excited but was afraid didn’t know how to do things right. SpreeSpreeSpree Trading is a online boutique which includes fashion from Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore. It’s all ready stocks and there’s no waiting like pre-orders. You make your payment and the goods will be delivered to you within 5 days. The fashion is from dresses to casuals, men to women. If you haven’t gotten any invitation from me in Facebook, please visit their facebook page at SpreeSpreeSpree Trading. Here are some of the clothings that I have modeled on.

Traclyn Yeoh

It was really fun to do the photoshoot and for the record, I have changed into 20 or more pieces of clothing. Fuh! It’s not an easy job to do. Here are some of the behind the scenes pictures.

Behind The Scenes SpreeSpreeSpree Trading2

Behind The Scenes SpreeSpreeSpree Trading4

Cam-whoring moment after the photoshoot.

Behind The Scenes SpreeSpreeSpree Trading3

Behind The Scenes SpreeSpreeSpree Trading

The BF manages to play with Wii for a bit before the photoshoot starts.

Behind The Scenes SpreeSpreeSpree Trading5

The models, co-owner and her son. Thank you for giving me this opportunity!

Remember if you have not visit their page, why wait? Go over there now and pick up some goodies!

Traclyn Yeoh

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  1. Great pics, Traclyn!!! You’ll be on the runway next! =D

    Will they ship to America? I’ll have to check. I’m at school right now & they block facebook so I cant check until I get home later! I hope they do, I need a dress!

  2. @feedDuh – Thanks babe!

    @Got_Takoyaki – Yeah I did but I’ve colored it again >.<

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – If it’s ever that easy to get to be on runway. I would love to be a model that is smillling always. I’m not sure about International Shipping. You might want to ask the seller?

    @xin – Thank you! Not really though, more like doing it as a favor.

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