BBQ Party

It’s a CELEBRATION! After the dreadful week of completing individual and group reports, presentation and frustrating exams for my ever last week for this semester, my friends and I decided to pamper ourselves with some good food. Hehe…this means party! We have had a barbeque as well as a farewell party for Lucile as well since she is returning to her hometown, somewhere in France but she’ll be back. So we have lots of food prepared. Let’s see what we have. We have some beef, lamb, pork sausages, bacon, chicken wings, a tray of salads and desserts. I will post up the dessert recipe after this post.

We marinate the chicken wing with garlic and ‘char siu’ sauce, the lamb and beef with salt and pepper and some of it with honey. Flo and Lucile bought a crate of beer and a pack of Doritos. We started barbequing around 7pm. The night was so cold and windy (we should have started earlier ). We cook and cook, and end up with some of us staying at the common area which is cozier inside, one of them is me. I can’t stand the cold. I was only wearing a wind breaker and that didn’t keep me warm at all.

All of us getting cozier as we end the barbeque session, many of us are bloated but it seems like we haven’t eaten that much, there are many leftovers. We started drinking beer, chatting and munching some of the leftovers. Some of us started drinking even before barbequing. Surprise! Surprise! Flo bought a bottle of Tequila, we are in deep shit.

After the barbeque, we head back to my apartment, and had the music blasted. Many started dancing and drinking. We started signing the Australia flag for Lucile, as for her to remember us in Melbourne here. The night was so cool and that was the most happening event in our apartment throughout the semester.

Traclyn Yeoh

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