Crystal Fruit Jelly with Custard

Last post I have mentioned about posting up the recipe for making the barbeque desserts where everyone enjoy it. It’s basically less sugar, tasty and healthy. I have come out with this recipe ever since I have eaten some similar dessert but this time I have added more ingredients. Hope you will enjoy it too.

Recipe Name: Crystal Fruit Jelly with Custard

Serving: 10 servings

The ingredients are:

  1. 2 boxes of You’ll Love Coles Strawberry Natural Flavoured Jelly Crystals (85 grams each)
  2. 1 can of You’ll Love Coles Peach Slices in Fruit Juice
  3. 4 fresh Kiwis
  4. 1 litre of Homebrand Custard Vanilla Flavoured
  5. 100 grams of Winn Red Glacé Cherries
  6. 10 clear glasses / wine glasses / champagne glasses

First, is to prepare the crystal jelly. For this crystal jelly that I bought, I’ll just have to use hot water and mix with the powder. Pour it into the glasses and let it set. Leave it for four hours to set perfectly.

Second, while waiting the jelly to set, skin-off the kiwi and dice it into smaller pieces. Chill it in the refrigerator to make sure it’s always fresh.

After the four hours, tilt a little the glass filled with jelly. This is to make sure the crystal jelly is set. Take the diced kiwis, put it on top of the crystal jelly. Later, take the peach and put it onto the crystal jelly as well. The fruit juice is no longer needed, you can either drink it, let others to drink or dispose it.

Fourth, pour the vanilla flavoured custard into the glass covering the some part of the fruits. I would prefer vanilla flavoured because the smell is much soothing and sweet.

Lastly, distribute the cherries as topping on the custard. Chill it for 2-3 hours and it will be ready to serve.

Good luck! Enjoy it like the rest of my friends.

Traclyn Yeoh

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