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Last Saturday, I was invited by Tammy to go for a natural cosmetic workshop. I was more than just happy and Tammy was concern enough because she knew the venue is close to where I’m staying. How could I say no to her? Location at Enak Kuala Lumpur, Starhill.

The environment is very cozy and relaxing. When I arrived at the door of the restaurant, there was no one there and I didn’t know where to go until I found the standing banner of the event.

The girl (sorry I didn’t know what is her name) at the register was really sweet and friendly. Tammy wasn’t there yet, I helped myself around there. She came after a few minutes later on.

Product named Alive with quite an amount of skin and body care range, makeups and essential oil. Love the smell of the essential oil! I have tested some of their products just on the back of my palm.

Amazing Eye Gel – Thick gel texture with beads comes in a small jar. When applied, it did not absorb immediately and it took quite a while. I had to press the soft bead to mash it to blend on the application. After application, can’t feel much difference, a little tacky but hydrated.

Perfect Anti Aging – Comes in a pump bottle. When I dispense the serum, it came out to much. I had to spread the serum on half of the back of my palm. The texture is really light, which I like the most and after spreading its not oily, hydrating and my skin look brighter.

Mineral Long Lasting Foundation – Mineral liquid based makeup, texture is pretty light upon application. Easy to blend and coverage is light and natural. Looked more like a tinted moisturizer.

Mineral Luminizing Brush Powder – Lots of glitter for luminating skin, I don’t think it’s suitable for combination or oily skin types.

Mineral Light Reflection Concealer – I like this very much, the texture came out pretty thick from the pen-like dispenser but it’s easy to blend. The coverage is medium and very hydrating.

Mineral Pressed Eye Shadow – Comes in a small jar and very pigmented! Color intensity is build-able, non chalky, shimmery and easy to blend (with fingers).

Upon testing the products mentioned above, I did not get any irritation or allergy from it. Me likey! But the prices are quite expensive too.

The session goes on by Joanne Lim, the Ecopreneur of Green Sentral inviting us to have our lunch and while we’re having lunch we were introduced about Alive and Zuii Organic Makeup.

Served in buffet style with food description. There’s gado gado, roti jala, tempura vegetables, caramelized banana, fried tapioca and lemon grass as drink.

The caramelized banana was my favorite among all of them. I love dessert, so can’t help it!

The dishes were pretty light, I reckon it should be bigger. I enjoy food and eat a lot! silly

Ms Chin, representing Alive. Ms Fiona Lim is representing for Zui Organic Makeup but I couldn’t get her picture because she briefed us too quickly, less than 5 minutes! Enough having the lunch and let’s see the picture taking session.

Nicole and Isabelle made Fatin to make sexy poses. LOL!

Friendly people, Fatin and Tammy!

Group pictures! Aren’t all of them pretty? Oh, it was really tough to stand up from the bean bag sofas. I believe everyone had a hard time on it.

Zuii Organic Makeup was at the other end, visited it after seeing Fiona applied blusher on Tammy. I heard a lot of good things on this, anyone any idea? It’s originated from Australia. Hanani tried their liquid foundation and I was there and find that it’s quite hydrating, finish off matte with natural coverage. This workshop started at 1pm and ends at 3:30pm but I’ve lingered till 4pm without knowing the time. I alerted Tammy on attending POCC event at Zouk.

Later on Yunny had a massage from Alive. I got just a whiff of the essential and it already made me feel so relaxed and calm. I had to miss the massage to go for POCC sad.

These are some useful stuff I gotten during the workshop. Alive complimentary booklet, brochures and information from Zuii Organic Makeup.

As well as the contact of Joanne Lim, the Ecopreneur of Green Sentral. It was nice meeting new people and they are really friendly. I enjoy the workshop most of the time and hope more to come!

Check out Alive Online Store.

Check out, importer of Zuii Organic Makeup of Malaysia.

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