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Remember that I have attended a training session by Empro a few of weeks ago? I was notified by Anna that there will be a goody bag for me and it’s ready for collection last Tuesday. I went to collect it on the next day. During my collection, I also met Mr Coco Alex,  the founder of Empro but I totally forgot to grab a picture with him! He was really nice to ask me if anybody served me, seeing that I’m waiting and standing in front of the outlet with my mum. I was excited to receive the goody bag and already peeked and inspected what inside right after I left the outlet silly. Let’s see what’s inside.

Bunch load of goodies! Let me show you the details of each product.

Doll Lash in DH003, this may appear natural when you wear it because of the invisibility of the lash band. Suitable for day or night, casual or occasionally.

Doll Lash DS006, this gives a little volume. The thin lash band may also make as though they are your natural lashes. Suitable for day or night, casual or occasionally.

Doll Lash DN008, this lashes gives greater length with mixture of alternate short and long lashes. Suitable on most occasion, depending on individuals.

Doll Lash DC003, mixture of criss-cross and extreme long straight lash at the end. I believe this gives both volume and length but the length is extreme. Mostly suitable for occasions.

Doll Lash DD001, has same lash pattern as DN008 but with small gold rhinestones near the lash band. Suitable in many occasions, depends on individual.

Two small tubes of Beauty & Eye Eyelash Adhesive. I have not try this yet and I don’t know why they have two different color of screw caps. Maybe the white one dries off clear and the other is black?

Doll Lash Curler, of course to curl your lashes!

Empro Triangular Ebrow Pencil, yes the lead is in triangular shape. This eyebrow pencil promises to provide two easy step application for eyebrows.

Empro Black Diamond Liner, able to line eyes precisely with it’s fine tip. I really wanted to try this so much!

I would like to thank Empro for providing me these wonderful goodies and I’ll definitely make use of them.

For Malaysians, you’ll be able to get from Empro outlets, Sasa, Guardian or Watsons.

For Indonesians, outlets are available in Jakarta.

For International readers, you may inquire by contacting them through their website, here.

Traclyn Yeoh
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