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Hey, everyone! Most probably some would think where I have been. I was pretty busy with assignments, exams and presentations for three weeks. There was like whole loads of it. I was facing stress, lack of sleep (I look like a panda now, help!), struggling so hard to really finish all of it, and all this leads my face to breakout! Let me list down and show you what I have been doing this few weeks that I haven’t been able to have really good relaxed time to sit down in front of my laptop to blog.

24th September 2007 – Training Session Presentation for the subject HBH 323 International Human Resource Management and Diversity. Our job is assuming that we are sending Australians to work in other countries, we need to let them know relevant facts of the country we are sending them to. Haha! Good opportunity as an international student, we just pick back our home country, Malaysia.

27th September 2007 – Cover Letter and Resume Submission. This wasn’t that difficult because before this I have written a few of it and just needs to update it. Well this subject is compulsory, yet we didn’t need to pay for it. Everyone who takes this subject would need to pass the subject. So I never take it too easily though!

28th September 2007 – Assignment No.2 submission for HBH 222 Organizational Design and Technology. This assignment almost killed me! We need to pick an organization to analyze on what are their elements of modernist, symbolic-interpretive, and post modernist. You probably don’t know what am I speaking about but I can tell you it’s not easy. I almost get everything wrong and I have not sleep until 4am the night before. I was struggling in delivering my points and meeting the lecturer’s expectation. I have only slept for two hours and class is 9:30am. It was so tiring!

1st October 2007 – Training Session Report submission for the HBH 323 International Human Resource Management and Diversity. Wrote on the report on how the training is done and everything. How have we plan, implement and evaluate it overall. This is still okay, because Jowie did most of the job.

3rd October 2007 – HR Strategy Assignment due for the subject HBH 226 Strategic Human Resource Management. This is HELL! I mean it. I didn’t even sleep to finish up this assignment. It’s an individual assignment. I have to pick a organization and analyze their business strategy, human resource strategy, structure and culture. This ain’t easy! Yes, I was horribly stressed about this assignment and I have cried about it. I almost fall asleep during the class. Too tired!

9th October 2007 – Mid-term examination for the subject HBH 325 Human Resource Management and Entrepreneurship. I studied many of the articles involved as well as the power point lecture notes yet it is still tough for me. I was so worried to go for the exam but what can I do. I do not have any power to make any changes. I can only just try my best. Melissa was horribly worried and she broke down when we get back to the apartment. Poor her, read all the articles yet the articles hasn’t been useful for the exam.

10th October 2007 – Training Session for the subject HBH 226 Strategic Human Resource Management. This week is my group presenting the training session based on the article. I find that some group may have prepared a few days before they should present but not my group. My group starts preparing on the night before date. Our topic is about ethics but I didn’t quite get the full meaning of the article. Thanks to Jowie, he interprets it very well. We have to come out with activities which involve the class and we have come out with the ‘Deal or No Deal, Ethics Style’. Sound pretty silly? It was a real good idea. Melissa and I didn’t really prepare on our speech. Lucky for us, after the training session, Karen gave us the feedback. She said we did pretty well, well-prepared, confident, interesting activities and many positive comments. This has enlightened us as we never see it coming whilst we have prepare the training session last minute. Wee!

Sorry everyone if I ever keep you waiting for my post. I was just too busy. I will try to keep you guys updated alright?


Traclyn Yeoh
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