Promoting CUP-BON

Cup-Bon Model

Yesterday I went out with Jowie and drank Cup-Bon. Above picture is Jowie promoting happily, the drink for us to share is passion fruit. Suddenly I wanted to write just a little about them. Its a brand that sells a variety of drink which promotes different health benefits. I took their brochure and did my own version of their menu. With the help of some pictures I saved from different sites I would like to thank a few who has contribute their art for people like me who is not that artsy afterall.

Thanks to:

Wikipedia, FOTOSEARCH, istockphoto, Tastes Like Home and Deviantart.

Special thanks to Deviantart artistes:

aquamen1983, bleuhMeuh, dotau, SuzyWong, StrangeMango, yuki_the_vampire

This is my work combining many different pictures. Have a look!

Cup-Bon Fruity List

Do have a drink at Cup-Bon, pick the flavour that you want which helps to improve your health. All drinks is machine sealed.

Traclyn Yeoh
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