Travel Light & Smart With Your Skin Cares

Just two weeks ago, I traveled to Kuching (East Malaysia) using  low cost airline, Air Asia with my BF. We only purchase tickets with luggage only for return and spent 4 days, 3 nights there.  If you’re interested to find out what I have been doing there, you can check it out in my Instagram. I used to study there before I went to Melbourne, Australia to complete my final year degree. I miss Kuching so much that I wish I could stay longer.

Back to the topic, our hand carry is limited to 7kg and I managed to pack light even lighter than my BFs! These are just my 2 cents of how to possibly pack light with your skin cares. When you’re travelling, you want to make everything smaller in terms of weight and size.

Travel Light - Skin Cares - Tiny jars & bottles

Mini Bottles & Jars

Our skin care bottles comes in many different sizes and with my current skin care, they are quite large in size which is not so travel friendly after all. I purchased this set above which comes with two tiny bottles and jars from Daiso for only MYR 5.00. I filled these bottles and jar with my skin care and there was extra until I came back to the city, I just continued using it until its finish! You can always find these types of travel sets in your local drug stores or supermarkets.

Travel Light - Skin Cares - Deluxe sized samples

Deluxe Sized Samples

Beauty box often brings us so much excitement but you might not use all of it at once. Time to dig it up and this also helps you to pack light without transferring into any smaller bottles or jars. They are very convenient and space saving. What I brought with me was shampoo, hair mask and cleansing oil.

Travel Light - Skin Cares - Samples or Travel Friendly

Samples and Travel Friendly Packs

Samples in sachet forms are very popular and this also comes in handy for travelling because at the end of the trip, you can just dispose them without much worry on your bag allowance. There are possibility of wastage because you might not finish the sample but it will be more ridiculous to pack everything into your bag again. The chances of spilling it in your bag is very high. More or less the same if skin cares that are made travel-friendly, like make up remover wipes.

Travel Light - Skin Cares - Recycle Jars

Recycled Bottles & Jars

These are my old contact lens tiny glass bottles and I have no idea why I kept it, I thought they merely look cute until recently I found one of its purposes. I do use cooling powder and they are shaped in tiny pebbles. I only need a few for each usage and packed them into one of these tiny bottles. The cover is made of rubber and its not tightly secured but works well for me as the cooling powders are tiny and light. Besides contact lens bottles like this, you can always recycle by reusing bottles from your previous skin cares. I recommend in recycling glass wares instead of plastic bottles.

These are just simple tips that could possibly help in packing light in your future travels. At least, you don’t have to torture yourself carrying all that weight and risk your items to be confiscated.


What are your travel tips to bring your skin care along with you?

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    • I think what you can do is to apply Vaseline at the rims of the bottle. That might help.

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