Post Belated Birthday ^.^

Hey, it was my birthday on the 7th of this month. It falls on Wednesday and everyone had to work, so no heavy celebration. But my lovely BF bought me a top rated and recommended cake from Secret Recipe! The Chocolate Mud Cake.

There you go, a whole big cake of it. I had luxury breakfast with this cake the next morning too! He brought it back to my house and I get to celebrate it with my family. In my family tradition, we only celebrate our Chinese birth dates on the Lunar Calendar. The cake is quite a big present for me but I gotten greedy and took more stuff back home.

On the left is the MNG tote bag I have redeemed using the coupon from Cleo Magazine April 2010 and next to it is Wales 130 Eye Shadow Palette which I had purchase from Ebay. Let me show you the close up of these two lovelies.

The MNG bag is in canvas material with its full name MANGO and on the inside is it has the army pattern. If I flipped the bag from inside to outside, it makes a good army tote bag.

This palette is something I have been longing for. 130 pieces of eyeshadow in just one palette. What can I ask more? It comes with matte and shimmer eye shadows. I tried some of the colors palette just last weekend, its very pigmented and long lasting. I definitely recommend this seller, glamlabel. The shipping was faster than I expected and the price reasonable. I ordered on the 30th March and it arrived nicely on my birthday, 7th April.

I also bought these two lovely bracelets. Both of them is very pretty and one says ‘ I wish you have a good luck’.

The next day I received a package from June. It was so thoughtful and sweet of her. Let me list down what she posted:
1. iNuovi Incredible Lash Curler
2. Eau Thermale Avene Protective Hydrating Cream sample
3. The Face Shop Aqua Drop Sleeping Pack sample
4. Etude House Tear Drop Lash [WISH LIST GRANTED ALERT!]
5. Skin Food Tomato Whitening Emulsion sample
6. iNuovi Lip Definitityin Bare 10701
7. Chuncaini Soft Mold in Hydrotheraphy in Fresh Flowers Powder
8. Chuncaini 24K The Active Golden Magnolia Oil Bright Skin America Face Facial Mask

It was very very sweet of her to send me this package full of goodies, however one of the product was damage during the shipping. I blame the postman or whatever process for the package to come to me.

The lash curler is completely out of shape. It has been pressed from the side and it can’t even fit to crimp my lashes at all. My BF manage to bend it to be normal again but of course there’s still some malfunction.

This picture was taken by Mina, one of my readers. She remembered how much I heart sakura flowers. I think this is very beautiful and thanks a lot for taking this wonderful picture for me. This picture is originally up in my Facebook. Interested to read the comments? Click here.

Once again I want to thank everyone who sent thoughtful wishes in my Facebook and my cell phone, all the thoughtful gift and the heart to remember my birthday. I will have another post on where I had dinner with my BF soon. The place is just amazing and many other country has it too. I shall give a hint, this place was once visited by Michael Jackson when he was here in Kuala Lumpur.

I’m very happy and contented for this birthday, I wish everybody in great health, luck and happiness!


Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. Happy belated birthday =D The cake looks nice =) and your hair has grown heaps! hahaha XD
    Aww… Mina is so sweet. XDDD So are you going to use all the colours on your new eyeshadow palette?

  2. I’m glad you had a great Birthday Traclyn!! That cake looks so delicious! Now I want chocolate cake! I’m glad I’m going to a bakery tomorrow! LOL. I’m happy you like the picture! =D

    I cant wait for the tutorials that will come from the palette! 😉

  3. @Got_Takoyaki – Thank you! Yeah, it’s been a while though. I will try to use all the colors if I can from the palette.

    @Shinbi_Belldandy – The cake is awesome! Thanks a lot for the picture, it’s simple but memorable. I hope to show off my new palette too~ weeee!

    @bay_bee_tea – Hehe, thanks dear! I’m continuing and never going to stop blogging.

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