More Than Just A Package

I would say this is still a surprise package even though I’ve already expected it to come. Some time last week or the week before, I was chatting with Patty (the owner of She told me that she had tried a mask for acne and she would love to send some to me and have me to review it. I agreed to her and expecting some small seal-able bag samples. The package arrived yesterday.

The package was a little big and heavier than I expected. Sky Net delivery boy actually contacted me before sending this in front of my house but I couldn’t pick up the call. I was at work~ I was so excited to open it after I came back from work.My stressful day has been taken off a lot.

Look! She sent me so many lovely things. I was overwhelmed with all the beauty luxuries right in front of my eyes. Let’s see in details what she has sent me.

DIY 4 in 1 Mask set, where there’s a cute mask bowl in jelly type form which makes it very flexible (the bowl is not in defect), spatula, mask brush, and three measuring spoons(so cute!).
A handmade bag which is so pretty! I can’t really remember the exact name of this bag.

Two small pieces Purple Gromwell and Roselle Handmade Soap sample.

Organic Beauty Bank Aloem Rose Gel Conditioning Mask and Shenos Exfoliation Gel.

Two boxes of full size Miracle Mask

I mean she was too generous. I love that everything was so well packed because the soap sample was packed in a gift wrap with cherry tape and the DIY 4 in 1 Mask set was in the handmade bag. I shall review on above products, so stay tuned! By the way, if you’re already interested on these products, you may purchase them at Thank you so much for this great gift, Pat! You made my day and reminded me the joy of opening gifts. Gifts are always full of surprises.

p/s: I didn’t like the picture quality in this entry, I only use my phone camera to take this. I’m a person who have a little knowledge on photography, so I’m a little particular on the pictures I’ve taken. These pictures are just not up to my satisfaction. Can’t wait for the new camera~


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