Tuesday December 2, 2008

Chapter 76 – How to leave comments in Xanga blogs for Non-Xangans


I always invite my friends to my blog and I hardly see them leaving me any comments at all. So I have decided to come out with a tutorial how to leave comments in Xanga blogs for non-Xangans. I know it might sound silly but I’m still writing it. I thought it might be useful for non-Xangans.


If you’re non-Xangan user and wish to leave a comment, this is what you can do.

Step One: Select on Anonymous. If you wish to sign-up, it’s your choice.

Step Two: Fill in details. Name and email is required. Website is optional. 

Step Three: Type your comments.

Step Four: Enter ‘Code You See Below’

Step Five: Click on submit and if you wish to edit it, you have 15 minutes.


Now that I have let you know how to post a comment even you’re not a Xangan, so please feel free to leave any of your comments in any Xanga blogs including mine! I would love to hear from you and I appreciate your effort a lot.

♥ Traclyn Yeoh

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  1. @Jowie – sweetie!!!! finally you’ve dropping a comment for me. i’m not trying to target you, just wanna let everyone know, the blog is open for everyone to comment. thank you love.

  2. eh. how come no jar for me???  :(. merajuk la mcm ni..haha

    nwayz, great tips. go sell it :))))) hahaha. u can make money out of it

  3. @Ryn – Hrmph how come you posted here? Haha! It’s because Fyda offered to buy from me but I don’t want. If you want I can make it for you.

  4. Babe, Daiso Malaysia rawks! In Daiso Singapore, they don’t sell eye shadows. They only have the blushes, eye liners, fake eyelashes… I definitely have to go Daiso when i’m back in KL this June. It’s at The Curve, right?

  5. @Mya Jacob – Oh really? You should get them here! I thought Singapore has more stuff there. I’ll be stopping by Singapore in June, thought of stopping there for shopping.  There’s one in Curve and one in IOI Mall.

  6. OMG! Thank you for sharing this info, love! At least i have something to look forward to the next time i go back to KL. Daiso in Singapore don’t bring in loads of cosmetics. 

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