Tuesday December 2, 2008

Chapter 78 – Why Are You Single?

mini quiz

Are you ready to have a boyfriend, or is your fear of commitment holding you back? Take this quick test to find out:


1) What does getting serious with a guy mean to you?

     a) You’re more at risk of getting hurt

     b) He thinks this could go somewhere

     c) You’ll get to know him way more intimately


2) Why haven’t you got a boyfriend?

     a) All guys are jerks

     b) You won’t settle for just anyone

     c) You’ve dated commitment phobic guys


3) How do you feel when a guy has the hots for you?

    a) Like you can’t breathe

    b) Embarrassed

    c) Fantastic – it’s nice to know you’re appreciated


Mostly As: You have second thoughts even if the guy you were seeing was Orlando Bloom or Brad Pitt. You’re obviously uncomfortable with letting guys get too close and you figure that keeping your distance will protect you from getting hurt. But you can’t play it safe and have a boyfriend as well. If you keep comparing guys to garden slugs, you’ll never be ready to go steady.

Mostly Bs: You’re afraid you’re not interesting enough to hold a guy’s attention. You’re letting those doubts are insecurities stop you from committing to being in a couple. Instead of risking rejection, you pretend that no guy is good enough. It’s time you worked on developing a healthier self-image.

Mostly Cs: What are you doing this quiz for? It’s obvious that you’re not scared of commitment. You’ve been through your dating phase and you’re ready to hang out exclusively with the right guy. Now get out there and go find him!

Source: Malaysia Cleo Magazine December 2008 Issue No.158

I’m definitely not single but I find this article interesting. But I have found myself on mostly Cs and I have found my one. My love and the only one, Jowie Ng. Love you, sweetheart. I hope this information would help people out there using this self-reflecting quiz.

♥ Traclyn Yeoh

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  1. basically, all A’s.  and yes, i DO compare guys to garden slugs.  but errr…garden slugs are cute.  🙂  hehe

    anyway, that is great to know that you’ve found your one and only love.  🙂

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