Winter Solstice Festival

The connection to Xanga was sort of crap these days, loading Xanga page is taking way too long. Therefore I decided to not blog for couple of days. I have been busy for some moment too and sick, it was such a bad time. Talk about this later alright? Last two week was a Winter Solstice or Tong Yuen Festival according to the Chinese calendar. I was invited to Jowie’s mum to their warm home dinner earlier of the week. There was so many food!

Jedrik scooping some soup.

There’s fried prawns, sweet and spicy steam fish, sea cucumber with pork ribs, soup and some stir-fry vegetables.

There’s everyone, a little mishap for Jedrick’s face. Ops!

We went to a night market after the dinner, and bought a pair of stainless steel couple ring. Nice? Hehe…

On the exact day, I woke up a little late because the night before I went to a rave and lasted till 4:30 a.m. and woke up later at 10:30 a.m. I’ll let you know about the rave in the next post. Six hours of sleeping only but I’m still functioning, surprisingly! I hardly tolerate with the lack of sleep but I did this time. One dessert in this festival can never be missed out.

Glutinous rice balls! It’s made out of glutinous rice flour, sugar and water. I didn’t get to make it into small balls because I woke up late, remember? Anyways I helped in the kitchen.

Put all the glutinous rice balls into boiling water, when it floats it’s done. Why into the boiling water? We’re not going to eat it just like that. It is to reduce the starchiness in the syrup.

Scoop out from the boiling water into a tub of normal temperature water. Then let it cool down for some time. Heat syrup made out of palm sugar, ginger and pandan leaves. When it boils scoop the glutinous rice balls into it.

Steamy hot, glutinous rice balls is ready to serve when it all floats up.

Does this look delicious to you? It does to me, YUMMY!

This is a typical Chinese prayers where you have Chinese leeks, whole steam chicken with roasted pork, fruits, rice wine and the glutinous rice balls dessert served on the altar for prayers for this festival.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. That’s a really nice dinner you had. Happy family get-together.  And the glutinous rice balls in ginger syrup looks yummy. *slurp slurp* Oh, love the couple rings too. Hehehe. 

  2. @Angel – Haha, thanks for the dinner to Aunty Judy (Jowie’s mum). The glutinous rice balls in ginger syrup, mum’s expertise. The couple ring was at a reasonable price. It was RM30+ for both.

  3. haha, I really like the couple rings.  You don’t live in the States do you?  lol, they don’t have stuff like that here.  I remember being in Korea, and the couple thing is a big deal out there.  They wear like matching clothes and couple necklaces and couple rings and couple cell phone tags.  It’s creepy haha.

    But yes… I want some of the rice balls lol.  We have something similar called 꿀떡 (honey dduk).  Dduk would be the rice cake, and it’s filled in the middle with this sweet syrup and sesame seeds.   It’s sooo good.

  4. That’s ME !!! Hahaha. Thanks babe. Am happy you liked the dinner.

    And the ring is surely nice. Hehe. Hope you like it too. Love ya.

  5. @babjengi – Sorry but I don’t live in the States. What makes you think I am? Well the couple items are getting much popular here too but it’s not like we’re gonna wear it always.

    Haha those rice balls are good but too much will be overload. These are the originals, we do have those with fillings such as peanuts, black sesame, red bean, etc. etc. I love Korean rice cakes, the ones in spicy sauce.

    @Jowie – The dinner is sure filling! I love the ring and I love you too!

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