Wonderful Weekend

What an exciting weekend I had last week, although a friend who is not a friend now gave so much problem to my other friends and I. It was a tiring week, with me bunking on other friend’s place for four days but in two different places. Let me tell you the story about it.

On Thursday, I spent my night in Paul’s house in Aberdeen Street, at East Hawthorn. This is because Tim and Darren can’t stay in my apartment anymore. They need to leave the apartment as soon as possible. Anyways, that night wasn’t much. I was tired because I had to work on the day and at night after the dinner, we started to walk to Paul’s place. It was a cold and drizzling night. We had goon that night, I was a little tipsy by only a cup of it. The tiredness with drinking really made me numb fast. Oh well. I spent my night chatting with my friends till three in the morning. I didn’t have a good night sleep because it was cold and the mattress was too soft. My body was aching by the time I woke up. We woke up at 9:30 a.m. and start walking back to the apartment. Later, I had to prepare myself to work which starts at five in the evening.

My friends were out when I came back from work. I had takeaways from Mc Donald’s for dinner. I didn’t have time to eat in Flipps, the place I’m working at. About an hour later, my friends are back and ask me to leave for St. Kilda and I did. So I spent my night in St Kilda for three nights and two days. It was fun, we went to The Elephant Wheel barrel and Loop in the city for Saturday night and before that we had three different kind of flavor of pizza and beer. I didn’t really drink that night, I wanted to keep my head straight but I had dance happily in the clubs.

On Sunday, we went to Shanghai Dumpling Restaurant for breakfast but I think we turn out to be having lunch there because we were stuck in the crowd in China Town for at least half and hour because there is Chinese New Year celebration. There are lion and dragon dances, and many booths are set up selling variety from food to souvenirs. We walked around and I have shopped for a pair of earrings and a cell phone cover. After that we move to the St Kilda festival, there are so many people. What is the St Kilda festival about? I don’t even know about it. What I know is many booths are set up selling food, souvenirs, clothing, accessories and many more. I had an airbrush tattoo that claim to stay for seven to ten days but the next day was wracked. What luck! Wasted my $5 but I was really happy when I got it on. How I hope that it was a real tattoo. I have shopped for a skirt and the rest was just food. I think I have spent a little too much today but it’s all good. Everything is still under control. That night Tim helped me to color my hair from 10 p.m. till 4 a.m. That’s really long isn’t it? It’s because I wanted to do highlight and I have to wear a cap that the package provided. By using the cap Tim need to hook my hair out of the holes that is on the cap but it was a horrible experience! It was bloody painful. It was painful till I tweak when Tim hooked the hair out. Thank god the color was nice. It wasn’t too bad after all. I slept with my hair still wet that morning. I woke up at 9:30 a.m later and catch a tram back to Glenferrie Road. Not long after that, I made my move to work.

It was a good weekend after all. Thanks to my friends who companied me for the weekend. Probably will drop by to visit them Tim, Karts and Darren this week. Have not decided yet but planning to.

Traclyn Yeoh

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