Deep Cleansing Clay Mask

clay mask

Imagine putting on that mushy clay on your face. Although it might sounds disgusting, but clay mask is very useful especially when you have combination to oily skin. Even acne skin sufferers like me would benefit from it. I have discovered clay mask benefit about three years ago and I am still using clay mask to keep my face shine-free.

green clay mask

This mask has been around for thousand years ago. Now? You can see it over the shelves everywhere, whether it is in supermarkets, personal care stores or pharmacies. It comes in many different brands, expensive or inexpensive. Clay mask from any skincare brands are not the only option, but you can always search for other alternatives to make them. One of it is homemade clay mask, mainly is to combine various facial clays and essential oil. I would highly recommend on Kitty Litter Mask Tutorial by Ricebunny. It works as good as many other skincare products over the shelves, plus it saves your money.

I used to apply this mask two to three times a week; it’s really taking up my time. Now, I only need to use this mask only once a week. Want to know how I do it? Watch this.

Available in Youtube version: Deep Cleansing Clay Mask

Photo Tutorial: Deep Cleansing Clay Mask

What you need is:

1. Clay mask (I’m using Freeman® Facial Clay Mask)

Freeman Clay Mask

2. Pore tightening astringent (I’m using Garnier Pure Pore Tightening Astringent)

Garnier Pure Toner

3. Electric facial brush or toothbrush

Watsons Electronic Facial Cleanser

Step One: Prepare clay mask by mixing clay mask with a few drops of pore tightening astringent. Adding pore tightening astringent will help to shrink large pores.

Step One Clay Mask

Step Two: Apply clay mask on cleansed and make-up free face. Mask works far better on cleansed face.

Step Two Clay Mask

Step Three: Leave clay mask to dry. By this time, you can feel your skin has been tightened. The mask should feel smooth and non-sticky when it’s dry.

Step Three Clay Mask

Step Four: Rinse off partially. Some part of the clay mask takes more time to remove, just leave it on.

Step Four Clay Mask

Step Five: Use electronic facial brush or toothbrush on circular motion to work on those clay mask leftovers. Using this tool will help to cleanse deeply into the pores and it is advisable to use electronic ones because it makes the cleansing more consistent and effective.

Step Five Clay Mask

Step Six: Rinse entire face to remove all clay mask. Removing clay mask from your face at this moment is so much easier.

Step Six Clay Mask

Pat your skin using towel to dry. Finally, DON”T FORGET TO…


Step Seven Clay Mask

and moisturize your skin.

Step Eight Clay Mask

Take good care of your skin!


Good luck!

This posting has been featured in Lovelyish: Deep Cleansing Mask: I Urge You To Try This.

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