Alluring and Engaging Eyes

At times we want the attentions just on our eyes without looking dull. Creating an alluring and engaging eyes would brighten up your day and others as well. Just some simple steps you will look engaging effortlessly.

Listing of products used:

  1. Lancome UV Expert Neuroshield Make Up Base
  2. Everbilena Concealer from Daiso
  3. Maybelline Clear Smooth Mineral Powder Foundation in OC1 Light Ochre
  4. Everbilena Cheek & Cheeks in Orange from Daiso


  1. Auto Eyebrow in Brown from Daiso
  2. MAC Paint Pot in Electro Sky
  3. Qianyu Spring Love Eyeshadow Palette in Shimmer White, Pink and Purple
  4. Sera Cosmetic Single Eyeshadow in 18
  5. Sera Cosmetic Single Eyeshadow in 25
  6. Earthen Glow Mineral Eyeliner Powder in True Black
  7. Rimmel London Glam’Eyes Mascara in Black


  1. Maybelline Watershine 3D Essence Lip Gloss

Enjoy this tutorial and good luck! Have fun.
Traclyn Yeoh
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A Malaysian beauty blogger expressing her views on beauty and life's other superficial aspects. Not to mention, beauty tutorials to appease the die-hard beauty junkies.


  1. Heyyyy i watched it 3 times the other night! But couldnt comment cuz of internet problems. Loved the way the makeup looked on u on Facebook
    And love ur video editing, i think it was a really good job! =)

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