Nicely Filled

There are many ways to fill your eyebrows using eyebrow pencil, powder and gel. I have never been good at drawing my brows, in fact I hate it last time. However, ever since I got my hands on Daiso’s Auto Eye Brow Pencil, I love drawing my brows now. This is how I work with my Daiso’s Auto Eye Brow Pencil.


  1. Draw outlining your brow shape. The line should be a little inwards that your exact brow shape.
  2. Your brow end should be drawn thinner than the exact.
  3. Fill another line in between your beginning of your brows.
  4. Use spoolie to blend your brows. Gently blend them.
  5. Lightly blend on your brow end. Your brow end should appear darker than the beginning.


Have fun everyone!

p/s: I’ll be heading to Singapore on Friday morning. Will be staying till Sunday.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. @bay_bee_tea – No problem girl. My tutorials are just alright, there’s more better ones out there. You can still learn, it’s never too late.

    @WJ SIA – Thanks for dropping by, hope that I could see you around more often.

  2. Don’t matter if there are others out there that are better, ur my school mate and i choose to support ur blog (which is pretty damn good =)!

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