Happy Birthday to MUM!

For my family tradition, mum always stress on celebrating everyone’s birthday from Chinese calendar. Mum’s birthday is the earliest, it was on last Sunday. We went to a Vietnamese Cuisine near our house, it’s called Saigon Village. It claimed to serve authentic Vietnamese dishes.

This is the first time for my family to step into this cuisine although it has been a while here. It should be good or else the business must have bankrupt long ago. The cozy environment is very nice…

What more? Let me show you what we had that night…

They gave us two sets of these, a plate of sweet sauce, a plate of sweet and sour sauce (it has fish sauce in it) and a plate of nuts.

First appetizer is carrot cake. This is not too bad, crunchy on the outside and soft inside. Smells good too.

Second appetizer is rice paper roll platter. I love this so much! I remember when I first had it in Melbourne, I can’t resist anymore. There’s chicken meat, baby lettuce, cucumber, rice noodles and some stuff I don’t really know what is it. You must be wondering how to eat it. Let me show you…

First, soak the rice paper into the warm water. Do not soak too long or else it will become too soft. Maybe enough water all over the rice paper. Place it on the plate.

Second is to put on the food from the platter.

Third, wrap and eat! It taste so good… Rice paper roll is a must try when you visit to a vietnamese food place.

Next we had a quarter of a duck. It’s delicious because it’s not too fatty but mum said it was a little salty.

I don’t really know what dish’s name is this. It’s a clay pot filled with roasted pork, heaps of garlic cloves and some vegetable but it taste so delicious!

Deep fried frog meat. I’m sure everyone will go ‘ewww’ but I can tell this is one great dish but it was too salty. Authentic enough?

This is the soup, it carries a little sour taste. It has pineapple, fish and lady’s finger.

Fried prawns, yummy! Do you know that prawn shells contain calcium? When it’s fried like this, I usually eat the shells as well.

Free dessert for everyone! It’s papaya and watermellon. It was generous of them to serve us free dessert but I was hoping for more varieties. Does all the food look good? Want to try them? If you’re living in Kuala Lumpur, you easily get to be there. It’s at Jalan Imbi nearby Imbi Palace Restaurant. I hope everyone enjoy this.

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. haha you know what, the clay plot is actually looks tempting. but it’s pork soup…eek.
    aya the frog mesti ade pye. hehe. wish happy belated bday to ur mom from me ya!

  2. this makes me hungry. im jealous of your food. so lucky to be in malaysia because its authenticity is so much better than “authentic” restaurants in america

  3. ooo ironically
    my sister just came back from vietnam~
    she said the must eat dish there is the beef ball noodles i think
    and another dish i cant really recall.
    i’ve only been to vietnam kitchen. lol

  4. @feedDuh – Hahaha too bad you can’t take pork. Sorry babe!

    @LuxteK – Lolz. You should take a vacation to Malaysia, you’ll eat like king. You can easily find food 24 hours.

    @LyNn – Yeap, Vietnamese beef noodles is a must-try as well. I ate a lot when I was in Melbourne.

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