Pop Art Photo Shoot

I have planned to join Tongue in Chic‘s You Style it Contest. The theme that they have chosen for this time is Pop Art. Therefore, it sounds a little bit interesting. Contest details here. So I sort of did everything myself. From make-up, dressing up, posing and taking picture, all by myself. It’s pretty tiring. I have chose to join this contest is not because of the prize but because of the theme. I think that I do have the clothing to suit this theme. Well I have already submitted my photo. Hopefully that’s a good one. Let’s me show you how the photo shoot went.

Let’s begin!

Alright, I have forgotten to put turn on the timer. Move on!

I send these pictures to Jowie first, I always needed his opinion. Guess what, we picked on the picture that we both like, which is…

This ONE!

We love this picture. I like the pose because it looks different from the other poses. In Jowie’s opinion, he likes the color, subtle and not flashy. Thank you darling.

Clothing details:
T-shirt and Geek Sunnies from 6th Floor, Sg Wang.
Blue pants from Cotton On, Australia.
Colorful scarf (wrap around my waist) from Girlfriend Magazine, Australia.
Red pump from Sunshine Girl, Australia.

Traclyn Yeoh
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