Plastic Surgery VS Natural Beauty

Dawn Yang

I was searching for plastic surgery, after knowing the famous blogger, Dawn Yang went through those procedures, and I am really outdated on those particulars when I was in Australia. Some said its rumors. Well only she and the people around her know. I was stunted to know that there are so many famous celebrities who went under the knives. Try to Google it, famous and infamous celebs are all listed out there. I have gotten several. Most of them went for nose jobs, breast implants or lip injections but I don’t consider lip injection as surgery, it’s just injection.

Ashley Simpson

Courtney Love

Halle Berry

Jessica Simpson

Sharon Osbourne
Pamela Anderson

Jennifer Garner

Kate Moss


Avril Lavigne

Raymond Lam Fong (Hong Kong & China Celebrity)

It’s amazing how these people are so extremely particular on their physical looks. I wonder how does these people are able to live with their artificial body parts when they are already look so gorgeous. Or I could say living in their ‘plastic’ life? Is this the new trend for true physical beauty? I agree they did enhance their look, looking much more fabulous but it is somehow ‘fake’.

I do agree on plastic surgeries for unfortunate people such as people who were born disfigured or met an accident and had their body parts disfigured. These people would just want to look normal and go on back in their life.

Plastic surgery doesn’t mean that it will make you look beautiful. Sometimes shit does happen. It can turn you looking not very beautiful after all. Look at Michael Jackson and Jocelyn Wildenstein, are they happy with their ‘plastic’ face?

Michael Jackson

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Where has pure natural beauty gone to? Has it died right in this era? Would our next generation live in their ‘fake’ bodies with longer lives? Would plastic surgery be the next product over the shelf?

I admit that I have a big fat nose. I did give a thought of getting a nose job, but to think of it, I don’t think that I look that ugly after all. There must be a reason for me to born this way. So, I just leave it as it is and it has pitted scars. I’m finding ways just to get rid of it, using the natural way without going under the knives at all. I have a cousin who went for nose job and double eyelid surgery, the turn out? Her nose looks fine to me, but her eyes turned into cockeye! How scary is that?

Traclyn Yeoh
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  1. @doraemonxo – yeap it surprised me too, but it looked pretty natural to me. the cat lady u meant jocelyn? she had plastic surgery because her husband was having an affair with someone. so she wanna look much more better but the result ain’t that good. the story is something like that. anyways thanks for dropping by.

  2. Surprisingly, most of them look better before they went through plastic surgery.

    Jocelyn Wildenstein looks really scary. i think it is photoshoped.

  3. i feel bad for most of these people…i mean common what if u looked like the cat women or possibly michael jackson(who passed yeterday soo sorry) anyways u wouldnt wanna be teased or picked on would u.then why the hell are u doing it to these POPULAR people..ur NOT popular we get it but before you go saying jack shit i thnk you should meet them..they could look bad but also have a beautiful soal.. critisism is what makes the world could be in total peace if u freakin critiseizers would grow the hell up and get a freakin life already damn..

    -cheyenne age 13

  4. @cheyenne – Strong words for a 13 year old. I don’t think you understand. These people weren’t born like cat woman or michael jackson. They looked perfectly fine except for their own vanity problems in which they went for plastic surgery, hence, the title of the post. You aren’t talking about the issue at hand, merely judging others as well. For one to say we are critizing others, you sure as hell are doing the same aren’t ya? The pot calling the kettle black. Some people should grow up and think before they are allowed to post comments on the internet.

  5. @cheyenne – ‘criticism is what makes the world ugly’, you said. You just betrayed yourself by leaving a comment in my post. If it’s that bad, why even bother to leave a comment anyways. 

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